5 Top Tool Tips Every Marketer Can Profit From

If you’re like us you’ve probably read more articles than you can count about the best online marketing tools. While ‘the list’ may change from year to year, there are a select few tools that stand the test of time. Plus a few newcomers shoot to the top; and it’s important to keep abreast of these, too. But what if we told you that you could amplify your search engine marketing campaigns with features that only power users know about? You can! Let’s go grab 5 top power user tips for some of the most popular marketing tools. They’ll save you time and help build engagement with your audience!

  • Dropbox: This online sharing and collaboration tool probably offers more power user features than any other, so it’s hard to pick just one. Here’s a favorite of ours: We often work with clients who request our input on website updates or brand new sites. We skip the email chains and open shared folders in Dropbox to collaborate on designs. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page. Check out how to use this feature here.
  • Buffer/Pablo: If you’re a marketer you’ve probably heard of Buffer, the awesome social post scheduling tool. Buffer also offers its Pablo image editing software that is so intuitive, it really needs no explanation on how to use it. It’s a fact that social posts that include images get much more engagement than those that don’t. You can use Pablo as a standalone tool – you don’t need a Buffer account to use it. (But you might want a Buffer account so you can schedule your posts directly from Pablo.) We’ve written about Pablo before, but one of its features will likely make it your favorite social media image editing tool: This is probably the fastest tool to make the ‘quotes on images’ pics that are so trendy on social media. So the next time you have a design vision of a quote pasted on an awesome background, remember that Pablo’s text manipulation and image positioning tools can help you create it in seconds!
  • Canva: This is another top image design tool we have discussed before. We definitely want to delve a bit deeper and see what other nuggets of goodness we can find! One of its best features is relatively simple, but powerful…how much time have you spent looking for the exact pixel sizes for Facebook covers or Twitter headers? Other tools tell you the dimensions but Canva helps you design with confidence. It categorizes all image sizes within the tool with easy to choose project visuals, and offers large print definitions of dimensions. You’ll be sure to get that professional look to your creations!
  • Bitly: Get the bit.ly WordPress plugin and have it create a bit.ly link for each new blog post. Great timesaver – one of those set-it-and-forget-it power tips!
  • Grammarly Blog: Whether you use Grammarly or not (it’s pretty amazing and can speed up and greatly improve your writing), their blog offers writing and editing tips that can save you countless hours of drudgery. This post offers 7 simple editing tips that can take an average post from good to great! Their ‘Trim Fat from Your Phrases’ tip is geared to how people read online – it’s indispensible!

We hope our 5 tips make an immediate impact on your marketing! And if you just don’t have time to try these out, Engine-ius Marketing is here to do it for you! Contact us now – we’ve got the tools and know-how to drive more leads for you!

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