6 Easy Tips to Explode Your Video Marketing Success!

Part 2 in Our 3 Part Video Marketing Series

Last time we discussed two key methods to ensure video marketing success. Now we want to zero in on how to get the job done – what are the best ways to make videos, and once you make them, how can you best share them and track their effectiveness?

For our purposes here we will focus on YouTube videos, although there are many other platforms you can use. Let’s take a look at one of the most important decisions you’ll make when creating your video:

Does my video have to be professionally produced?

Yes, and no. While they can be made professionally, we mentioned last time that often explainer videos can be made to a very high standard using various online tools.

When it comes to videos featuring human subjects, professional production provides these benefits:

  • It provides a polished look to the video which reflects well on your company’s image. This presentation feeds into the trust factor, which all businesses desire to create with their customers.
  • Professionally-produced business videos offer the best experience for viewers when you are presenting your products and services, training, or otherwise needing to put a brand stamp on the content. (That is not to say there isn’t a place for fun amateur videos that introduce people to your team or to an event you’ve conducted, etc.)
  • A professional video reinforces to viewers why you are the better choice to provide your products and services, versus your competitors.

What if funds are really tight and you want quality, but aren’t able to pay a top production firm? There are a few avenues you can explore, including:

  • Work with a college student who already knows the YouTube ropes. You may have heard of college students who have become wildly successful with their YouTube channels. It’s very possible you have students in your area who know how to produce compelling videos that drive viewership and deliver revenue. A good place to start is to talk with your local college’s career center so they can put you in touch with students who can help. You could create a video production paid internship position at your company. In this way you can plan on producing a number of videos by making the position an ongoing one.
  • Public access TV clips you can post to YouTube. Some good examples of this are if you’re a non-profit, a political organization, a community health organization, an author, or one of many other individuals or groups that live and work in the community. You can get free or low-cost training to shoot a TV show at your local community access TV station. Clips from this show can be placed on YouTube and shared on social media to increase reach and impact.
  • Go it alone – with help. Lots of people feel fine shooting short video clips, but they need some help putting it all together. Whether you like to use iMovie or another popular platform, like video, you can add your clips to these editing platforms and create some pretty amazing videos. Many people up their game by starting out with a high-quality camera, and then edit the resulting video in one of these editors, for a very cost-effective and polished result.

Once Your Video is Created – Time to Show the World!

Once you’ve created your video, it’s important to optimize it, to make it findable on YouTube and in search engines. You’ll want to create a powerful title and description for your video. The title is the most important part – use a title format that:

  • Tells search engines what the video is about
  • Motivates viewers to click on the video and watch it

Keep in mind you want to stay as relevant as possible – use exact phrasing that describes what your video is about. Great titles are quality headlines. Here’s an example:

How to Teach Your Dog to Sit | Train Your Dog

The first part of the title is the main key phrase – what your video is about. The second is a variation that reinforces the first part of your title.

Your first video is the beginning of your YouTube Channel. You can upload your first video to YouTube Creator Studio. This is your online dashboard; you can access everything from the channel level and zero in on individual videos to edit their titles and descriptions by clicking the little pencil icon – no need to select the video itself, if you don’t want to.

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Get Familiar with YouTube Creator Studio

A great way to get familiar with YouTube Creator Studio is to watch their short intro video that shows you how to access all the features; many of which are new and were just introduced in November 2018. The goal is to brand your channel (create a specialized perception of your company and its products and services) and within your channel, offer individual videos on specific topics. The channel in the image above is for a hypothetical how-to brand, Doing It Right. In this example, the brand showcases its overall how-to knowledge, and it offers individual videos on a variety of topics that people want to know more about.

Your channel can be even more tightly integrated. If you sell handmade rag dolls, then you can have the channel branded after your company name, Renee’s Rag Dolls. Then each video can be about an individual doll, and its origin story. There is no one perfect way to create your YouTube channel – you can work that out yourself – the ultimate goal is to deliver a cohesive and intriguing experience for your viewers.

Engine-ius Marketing Can Help You Promote Your New YouTube Channel

Wow – That’s a lot of info and we’re sure you’re excited to get your YouTube channel going! Need help getting it organized? Let the experts at Engine-ius Marketing get you ready to make a big impression on YouTube! Call or email us today (800-781-3074 info@engine-iusmarketing.com) to get your video campaign started!

Next time: More on how to use YouTube Creator Studio for tracking your video’s success plus tips on how to promote your video! Don’t miss it!

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