6 Marketing Ideas You Can Steal from Social Media

Most marketers use social media to provide more visibility for their brand and to offer customer service. Did you know that you can use social to add buzz and even precision to your other campaigns? Social media can be like a well that you can return to again and again for valuable tidbits of information. Think of it as your secret weapon that can help you direct more consumers to conversion.

Create Personas – Get To Know Your Audience

Some of the most useful insights you can get from social media are details you can use to build customer personas. Dig into your social stats such as Analytics on Twitter and Insights on Facebook, and get real data on your customers. See where they live, what their gender is, and follow conversations to learn more about their preferences. Then you can build out your personas using real data. This is incredibly valuable and will add a lot more to your marketing, versus only counting Likes or re-tweets. Once you have created your data-specific personas you can decide which of your products and services would appeal to them. And you can decide if you would like to add to your offerings, given preferences expressed by your demographic.

Get Key Phrase Research Ideas

Another extremely valuable way to use social media is to do key phrase research. Take a look at hashtags on social media and see how they express user intent. Search for themes that correlate with what you sell and take a look at the larger context: what synonyms or variations does your audience use when discussing your themes? Collect these phrases and input them in your key phrase tool. If some of them don’t show much search volume but you believe they are spot on, add them to your copy in close proximity to the main key phrases you are optimizing for. ‘A rising tide raises all boats’ is the old adage. If you’re able to rank well for your primary keywords in the copy, you may well be able to rank for these newly found keywords as well.

Perfect Your Headline Writing

People skim when they read online. Headlines help them do that effectively. Use the skills you’ve built writing tweets when you create headlines. Twitter allows for 140 characters and due to that restriction, marketers have learned to write some pretty witty and powerful short messages. That is what effective headlines are, too. Take this premise a step further: when you write email subject lines, think like you do when you compose a tweet. Make your subject lines irresistible, so they beg to be clicked on.

Entice People To Sign Up For Your E-Mail Lists

Twitter and Facebook are great places to ask for email list signups. Building trust with social media is one of the primary goals. Once you have provided value (done more than used your accounts as sales tools), then you can request that your followers trust you again by providing you with their email addresses. They’ll trust that you won’t spam them and that you will provide useful information, coupons, special offers and more. A simple ‘Don’t miss our special email offers!’ post, along with a few details specific to your business, should get the ball rolling. Take advantage of the trust you’ve built on social to build your opt-in email lists!

Harness The Power Of Visual Marketing

Some of the very best content on social media is designed in this way: short message + image or video. We live in an increasingly visual world and visual marketing continues to evolve. Today to create an effective social post you have to do more than tell people about you, you have to show them. Take this same idea and add it to your other marketing channels. Perhaps a webinar would be a great complement to your e-book: show people and tell them about your ideas. Make a how-to blog post and add a how-to YouTube video to it. As you can see, showing people what you’re talking about is popular today, and there’s one main reason why: there is so much content out there that it’s easy for people to skip over the bland stuff. They want to be entertained, taught, thrilled – all that comes from creating content that adds to, or replaces, words.

Let The People Tell You

This issue somewhat relates to the persona topic above, but it also can be expanded upon depending on how deep you want to go with it. Some marketers use social listening tools to delve into online conversations not only on social but in forums and other areas of the Web. You may wish to start with some free tools and then, depending on your needs, graduate to some of the more sophisticated ones. The data you can derive can be quite helpful when you want to discover what people think – not just about you, but about topics in general that may relate to how they would perceive your current or future products. You can also create surveys on social media to ask people specific questions.

Remember that one of the best and easiest ways to find out what you need to know is to simply ask. Here’s an example – A few years ago on behalf of a client we found a forum relating to tea drinking. The folks who frequented this forum enjoyed tea and collected teapots, cups and accessories. We asked them this question:

‘We’ve been listening to people who say they would like a great tasting decaffeinated black tea, and we think we’ve created something really special. Would you be willing to try our new all natural tea, if we provided a coupon for it, or savings off some of our tea drinking accessories?’

We received dozens of responses and many questions and comments that allowed us to get to know our customer base better. The key is to avoid an overt sales pitch; be helpful and then learn from what people tell you.

Put  Social Media’s Lessons To Work For You

Wow, who knew social media could provide so many ways to make all of your marketing campaigns better? Does all of this sound great, but maybe a bit time consuming? Don’t worry, Engine-ius Marketing can do it for you, and you can get all the benefits! Contact us today!

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