Go Ahead and Ask for a Custom White Label SEO Package!

If you have been following along on our month-long blog series on SEO resellers and white label SEO, you have learned that working with a reseller agency can help you deliver a wider variety of services to your clients. Now for an interesting addition to the discussion: negotiating custom white label SEO packages.

Flexible SEO Services Can Help You Satisfy Your Clients

When you interview SEO agencies to inquire about their reseller packages, one thing you’ll want to ask about is the custom services they offer. Usually they will be willing to adapt those services for your needs. This is an excellent benefit because you will often need that flexibility to satisfy your clients. No two SEO campaigns are exactly the same, so having that wiggle room with your SEO reseller will be important. Here’s a great example:

You have signed a client who needs a series of emails sent out at specific times to a segmented list. You’re interested in getting a reseller to help you as you don’t have the manpower right now to handle this project, but you want to keep your client from going elsewhere for fulfillment. This is a fairly complex project. You have the themes for the emails from the client, but your agency (or your reseller, in this case) needs to create the content, blast the emails, and track responses/click activity. So you find a great SEO reseller that specializes in email marketing. They offer a few standard email marketing packages, but what you need is complex, as previously stated. In fact, you may even have the reseller scrub the email list and ensure there are no duplicates or unsubscribes on there. All of this takes attention and time, and very likely a custom white label SEO solution, because you’ll want to ask the reseller to create a few companion blogs to go with the emails. Wow, this is turning into quite a big project! Time to arrange for some custom services!

Create a Task List & Hand It to Your SEO Reseller

When you discuss your needs with your SEO reseller, create a task list that you can share with them. You’ll want to be very clear on the process, the deliverables, the dates, and everything you need done. Then you can negotiate the package deal. It may be that if there is ongoing work, you might perhaps receive a special rate for those activities. This is also a good time to ask your reseller if they recommend any additional services to complement those you have requested. They may have some good extra services that would provide your client with even greater results!

Looking for an SEO reseller that can handle complex projects? Engine-ius Marketing offers the depth of experience you need. Talk to us today and we’ll put together a custom white label SEO package for you.

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