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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In today’s digital world it is important to understand that potential customers and clients are already searching online for products and services that your company offers. The goal is making sure your business can be found. Most users click on one of the first three links returned by Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and few venture beyond the first page of search results.

Get your company’s website in front of the customers who are searching for what you’re selling through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an ever changing space and includes adapting to the ever more sophisticated search engine algorithms. At Engine-ius Marketing, we stay in front of algorithm updates and know how to improve your website’s structure and content.

These improvements help search engines better understand your website and assign it higher placements for keywords related to your business. Our SEO service includes optimizing your website to bring it to the top of the search results for your most important keywords, building authority, and building brand awareness while your website’s visibility increases.

Digital Display, Mobile, Tablet

The Engine-ius approach to digital display advertising is a simple one. Employ the various formats in the initial campaign, gather performance data, evaluate the metrics, quantify the results, and optimize to the best-performing platforms and audiences. Partnering with Engine-ius Marketing means staying ahead of the curve. Our data-driven approach to programmatic and real-time bidding and optimization ensures your message gets in front of the right consumer, on the right platform.

Email Marketing

Engine-ius offers email marketing solutions to help manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Our team develops customized email solutions catered to your business’s needs.

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Video Marketing

We simplify the video advertising experience for brands and businesses of all sizes. With access to over 100,000 premium publishers, unlimited inventory and a data-driven approach. We are able to precisely target an audience and build customized segments to target in the future. With data from more than 60,000 global campaigns, as well as leading third-party partners, you can rest assured that we have the data needed to optimize for success.

Social Media Marketing

ENGINE-IUS Marketing, is your trusted Social Media Marketing partner. We can help you envision, execute and measure success for your Social Media Marketing campaigns. Some agencies are not prepared to handle a client’s total SMM needs, but ENGINE-IUS Marketing, is uniquely qualified to help you derive maximum benefit from your SMM investment.

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