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Amplify your Online Visibility with a New WordPress Site or Blog

When it comes to connecting with your audience online, your website has to act like your digital salesperson. If your site can’t be found in search results, then you’re leaving money on the table. Today WordPress powers 28% of the Internet; including TechCrunch, Reuters Blogs, Katy Perry, Wall St. Journal Law Blogs, and many more. So why do all these prominent entities (along with thousands of other businesses and individuals ) use WordPress? The reasons would fill dozens of pages, but for our purposes in this blog, we want to drill down to some very specific SEO points that you can take advantage of too, when you move your blog or site to WordPress.

Quality Themes to Make Your Site SEO-Friendly & Fast

WordPress is SEO-friendly straight out of the box. Its easy to configure menus, sliders and other components can make your new website incredibly user-friendly on the desktop and especially on mobile devices. Tons of quality themes are available – many of the free themes are quite sophisticated; so there is no requirement that you purchase a theme to gain all the best features of WordPress. One theme marketplace that’s definitely worth a look is Elegant Themes – they have a top reputation for creating clean, fast code that works with many WordPress plugins (more on those in a minute).

Welcome to the World of WordPress Plugins

If you’re unfamiliar with what a WordPress plugin does; here’s the scoop: Plugins rock! Awesome developers create these in PHP so folks who want to extend the functionality of their websites can install these without writing any code themselves. From adding Google Analytics to contact forms, to social sharing buttons and so much more, if you want to add a capability to your WordPress site, there’s likely a plugin that already exists to help you do that.

Speaking of plugins – several SEO plugins exist that can extend the SEO-friendliness of your site. One of these is the Yoast Plugin. Within all of the settings that this plugin offers, one of the ones we highly recommend is the taxonomy settings for each page. Work with this setting and let Yoast help you avoid creating duplicate content in the form of the same page showing up under several different URLs. This may not seem like a flashy feature that adds bells and whistles to your WordPress site, but it keeps users and Google from getting confused as to what pages contain useful content. And Google will provide you the benefit of better rankings because when your breadcrumb navigation is consistent and logical, it will understand which pages within categories are the most important. The Yoast Plugin allows you to make these and other tweaks, plus you can still edit your robots.txt and other files by hand, if you choose.

Discover the SEO Power & Functionality You Can Get with a WordPress Site

Perhaps you need some inspiration on what you can do with WordPress. Check out this showcase of the businesses and organizations that use WordPress and see the variety of layouts and functionalities available. And remember: While WordPress can be learned by most anyone, you don’t have to go it alone! Engine-IUS Marketing offers years of WordPress development and optimization experience to get your new WordPress site online rapidly – with all the capabilities and SEO-friendliness you require.

Take advantage of the opportunity to extend your company’s online visibility with a WordPress site or blog from Engine-IUS Marketing. High rankings and more customers await!

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