Explode Your Social Media ROI with These 5 Tips

You know you should post to your social accounts more often, but you’re really not sure why…or even how, to go about it. There is a lot more involved in social media management than creating social accounts and posting to them occasionally. Why not let a social media marketing company take some (or all) of this work off your hands? Team up with your agency and take advantage of these 5 tips that can punch up your social media ROI.

Please note: You may first wish to set up your social media policy and then proceed to check out our tips. Some marketers may be tempted to skip this step – we recommend setting your policy up now (or have us help)…here’s why, and how:

  • Set up your social media policy: Posting great content is only part of the social media management equation. When all the questions, replies, and comments start rolling in, there has to be a strategy already in place for engaging with people. A highly recommended way of dealing with this is to establish your social media policy before you allow anyone internally, or on the agency side, to manage your accounts. You need this policy to protect your company’s image and to instruct those who post for you how to handle various situations that occur online. Don’t already have a policy in place? No problem, as there are many excellent templates that you can adapt for your purposes.


  • Post timing & frequency: This tip is key to engaging your audience. Think about it: if you’re looking for the best information on a topic of interest, you’ll likely go to the source that has all the latest insights. It’s the same with your followers. They want all the best news nuggets, and they want them every day; often multiple times per day. The goal is to build trust and keep people coming back. Once they trust you as the expert, they will be more likely to do business with you. Not sure how often to post? A good rule of thumb is to post multiple times per day on Twitter (spread the posts throughout the day), and once on Facebook and other channels; (Google + is one that you can post to several times per day). Exact posting guidelines are up for debate; but Buffer, a well-known scheduling tool, offers some great insights that can guide you.


Bonus tip: Avoid the ‘me, me, me’ syndrome when posting. This is definitely an area your social media marketing company can help with. Your audience will soon tire of posts that sound like sales pitches. Have your agency handle posting for you (at least some of the time, if not entirely) because it will know the right ratio of sharing your content and that of others.


  • Post quality: All too often we’ve seen marketers post a short message and a link to their site. Or they will post a Facebook link on Twitter with no accompanying message. Posts like these will receive little to no attention on social media. Why? It’s because the reader cannot quickly understand the context. There is no telling where those links go because there is no associated message; i.e., no incentive to click through. It’s vital that any link be preceded by a short message describing what the user will find when they click. And why not include such info…you want to make a point, sell a product, encourage a newsletter signup, etc. This is your chance to persuade! Don’t just pop a lonely link into a post; definitely team it with a message.


  • 99% of the time you should add a compelling image to your posts! Now sometimes you might be giving a quick reply to someone or making a statement about something you saw, and an image isn’t really necessary. Most of the time, you’re trying to add a branded element plus stimulate click through to one of your online assets: website, video, newsletter, podcast, etc. Take the time to source or create an image that works well with your message. This is a great task to assign to a digital marketing agency, as they are experts at using specialized tools to create social media images.


  • Tracking it all: With all the effort you and your social media agency will be putting into your accounts, you’ll want to see the results of your labors. There are several kinds of monitoring that need to happen so you can squeeze every last bit of ROI out of your social presence. Add these to your tracking list (they’re also great for finding conversations you can join):


  • Brand mentions: Who’s talking about your brand online? Where are they talking about you, and what are they saying?


  • Mission Critical Keyword or Theme Mentions: When you first started working with your digital agency they likely performed key phrase research. Monitoring mentions of these keywords can provide opportunities to see what people are saying about these themes.


  • Conversion tracking: This is an area where it’s really important to rely on the expertise of your social media marketing agency. You will work with them at the beginning of the campaign to determine the metrics you want to track. Let the agency also bring its experience to bear here, because there are multiple types of conversions to monitor, including micro conversions and assisted conversions. Depending on how you’re measuring, these metrics can be subjective, but nonetheless important. For example a user may have downloaded a PDF fact sheet after clicking through from Twitter, but hasn’t yet purchased a product. No worries. You have engaged them. This conversion came from social, and you can continue to market to people who have converted before the ideal conversion action: the sale.


Tracking micro conversions is huge because we want to be aware of the entire spectrum of influence that social has on your bottom line. Without tracking these conversions you will not be able to get the full picture on your campaign reach and impact. Need to know more about micro conversions and assisted conversions? We recommend this article by measurement guru Avinash Kaushik.

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