Future SEO: Developing Brand Consistency & Authority (Part 2 of 3 Part Series)

Increase Conversions by Mastering the Search Wave (Part 2)

What do we mean when we talk about brand authority? Usually one would think it involves the impression a brand makes on people – their associations and feelings about the brand. When it comes to online marketing, we also want to deeply impress upon Google the meaning of a brand. To do that, we must develop and maintain brand consistency, which leads to brand authority ; the Holy Grail of online marketing.

When Google sees your brand as authoritative, it has a firm understanding of what your brand is about.

Authority in Google’s eyes:

  • How others’ view your brand (linking to your content is one example).
  • You as thought leader: interviews featuring you and key industry players; your quotes provided in industry-specific journals;
  • You offer rich, detailed answers to user queries (quality content).

So why all this focus on brand authority? The ideal for Google is to match user intent (search query) with the very best answer. It wants that ‘best answer’ to come from a highly credible (authoritative) source.

How to Become That Highly Credible Source

The mission going forward for online marketers is to become the go-to source for as many relevant, industry-specific queries as possible. What matters most in this quest is the systematic reinforcement of who you are, what you do, why you do it, and what all that means to your audience.

What’s needed is an establishment of a mission and an explanation of what your business or organization does – and why and how it does it better than anyone else. Next, the reinforcement of these points needs to be effectively and repeatedly communicated across all the channels you participate in. Human beings and Google will learn about your business, and not only by what products or services you offer; but also via your participation in community activities and how you interact with the world around you. All of these things contribute to brand consistency, and ultimately, to brand authority.

In addition to the above, you can keep the brand consistency momentum going by adding these components to your SEO campaign:

  • NAPW (Name, address, phone, website) consistency: Even seemingly small things, like keeping consistent with NAPW data on every channel, contribute to brand authority.
  • Keep building (or get started) with a solid link development program. Junk links just to have ‘a lot of links’ isn’t what we’re after here. You want to get mentions in prominent periodicals, links from authoritative websites, and reviews that point to your expertise.
  • Creating unique content that’s aligned with user intent and that answers questions within a rich user experience, offers a fantastic opportunity to build brand authority, especially if it is done consistently. Text, images, audio and video all play a part and should be included in your content strategy.

So What Happens When You Gain Brand Authority – Are You Done, Then?

Brand authority is something you work for every day, and with an ongoing SEO campaign, you can keep building brand consistency and adding to authority on a regular basis.

Here are some additional tactics that can help develop consistency and keep your brand at an authoritative level in your industry:

  • Regularly post on your social accounts and interact with your audience and leaders in your industry. You want to emerge as a leader, and if you already are, then you have to find ways to reinforce that on social media, while still being authentic and helpful.
  • Build out your local SEO presence. Continuous mentions of your activities in local articles, directories and other publications reinforce your place in the community.
  • Add Schema markup to your pages to tell Google what your website is about.

Notice the pattern, here? Everything you do to build brand consistency and authority is a cumulative process; and very likely things you would do anyway (or should), not just for marketing purposes. Documenting and tracking these tasks is key to your success with users and with Google. It all can seem a bit overwhelming, but here’s the good news: you can get started today, and be ahead of competitors who have not yet embraced these concepts.

Need help with developing an SEO campaign based on brand consistency and authority? All of our campaigns focus on these building blocks for online success! Contact Engine-ius Marketing and let’s get started now!

Next time: Watch for the final installment of this three part series! See what a super-charged Future SEO campaign looks like! We write a prescription for how to be an authority and grab the traffic and conversions you want!

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