How to Rock Google My Business for Mobile Local

As Google has rolled out its mobile first index, it has become clear that it’s focusing heavily on mobile user experience. This stands to reason; with over 50% of traffic globally, coming from mobile devices. It’s not news that a Google My Business (GMB) listing is vital to building local visibility and rankings. Here we’ll take a look at how exceptional photography added to your GMB listing can help you rank above your competitors for mobile local queries.

How Adding Quality Photos to GMB Helps Drive Traffic to Your Website

So let’s say you already have a Google My Business listing (and if you don’t, check out our blog where we discuss the importance of this). Having a listing is only part of the solution to great local visibility on mobile. What you will want to do is enhance the listing with top-notch photos. Not only do we mean photos that aren’t dark or blurry, we are talking about photography that gives insight into your business.

So what type of photos should you upload to GMB? Generic-looking pics won’t cut it.

Google makes a terrific point: Feature photos that represent parts of the customer buying process.

Example: If you sell furniture, provide an overall pic of your showroom, then subsequent pics of furniture by room; living room, bedroom, etc. If you have a special part of your store, such as a design center with helpful staff, include photos of that. You want to literally show people what it would be like to shop in your store.

Exterior Photos Can be Just as Important as Interior Pics

Exterior photos can be just as important; they can add a great deal to the overall impression you want to make. Maybe you are a wedding venue business. The bride and groom may want to use your beautiful barn with exposed beams for the ceremony, but they’ll want to see lots of pics of the surrounding landscape, as that’s where most of their wedding pictures will be taken. If your wedding venue features covered bridges and other exterior ceremony sites, you’ll want to get crystal clear photos of those to add to your GMB listing.

Here’s a tip: Get complete directions on how to upload photos to GMB straight from Google.

Engage Your Audience with Great Photography

Let’s look at an actual business and how they approach photos in GMB. We searched ‘Atlanta Mexican restaurants’ for a good example of how top photography can draw people in, and improve the chances of a call or a visit to the restaurant.

Google mobile local SEO | Engine-ius Marketing

Google mobile local SEO | Engine-ius Marketing

Notice how instead of just one or two pictures of the interior, the photos provide a rich experience, showing people the atmosphere that the restaurant offers. It really can pay off to take quality photos; you may even wish to have a professional photographer take them for you. While this isn’t required, they are experts at capturing subjects in all kinds of lighting situations. Plus, as Google local listings get ever more competitive (especially in the mobile arena), any edge you can get over your competition can be huge in potential traffic driving capability.

Video Can Set Your Business Apart

A well planned photo presentation on GMB can get the phones ringing and people in the door; and just a few months ago, Google began offering video uploads to GMB. While these videos can be only up to 30 seconds long, you can pack a lot of info into 30 seconds. You could make a typical commercial ad discussing a sale or new product. Or you can get creative and show people having fun at your location – maybe even get some customers to appear on the video! Why not create a mix of straightforward marketing commercial videos and a few off the wall films? This is your chance to make your business stand out! offers a concise and insightful list of video ideas to get you started! The main point to get across to viewers is why your business is different – what does your pizza place offer that the other 6 in town, don’t? Have fun with it and upload new videos periodically to your GMB account.

Your Turn – Let’s Get Your GMB Listing Driving the Traffic You Want!

Wow – so many ways to make your GMB listing an incredible mobile traffic driver! Need more insights into building your Google mobile local presence? Let the experts at Engine-ius Marketing do it for you! Not only can we help you set up a terrific GMB listing, we also stay on the cutting edge of all things Google local. 2018, and soon 2019, mean even more changes to the Google mobile local landscape. Be sure you profit from all of these updates. Contact Engine-ius Marketing today!  800-781-3074

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