Just In Time SEO: How to Maximize Holiday Traffic to Your Website

3 top tips to explode website traffic and drive more conversions this holiday season!

When it comes to online holiday promotions, you’ve probably already gotten your stock and services in place and have started promoting them via the channels that your audience frequents the most. But what if you could maximize that website traffic to build an even greater stream of potential buyers to your site? Let’s take a look at some ways to make the most of your holiday digital marketing, that can complement what you’re already doing. And if you haven’t gotten started yet – don’t worry; these ideas can get you up to speed fast!

1) Deploy Christmas – holiday keywords in new and existing content. For example, many businesses conduct their own versions of Black Friday sales; now this trend is extending to the entire month of November and beyond, all the way until Christmas. Consumers are expecting to receive great deals this time of year. The keyword variations of Black Friday 2018 (searched 740 times per month) are numerous. Grab some of these and add them to your content – including  your social media posts and holiday press releases. Add them to email subject lines and email copy to entice people to convert and take advantage of your holiday offerings.

Here are a few top Black Friday & Cyber Monday keyword variations (followed by search volume) you can add to your content now:

  • Cyber Monday – 823,000
  • Cyber Monday deals 2018 – 210
  • best things to buy on Cyber Monday – 320
  • Black Friday deals – 550,000
  • Black Friday sale – 165,000
  • Black Friday 2018 deals – 1,600
  • Black Friday sales deals – 880
  • best computer deals Black Friday – 170
  • where to go Black Friday shopping – 170

These are but a few phrases you can add to content, or create content around. You can search your business niche + Black Friday or holiday sales to find more, like this:

  • Gatlinburg hotels for the holidays
  • Atlanta restaurants Christmas dinner deals
  • New York holiday clothing deals

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These are called long-tail key phrases. Some of these that you research may have low search volume. If you determine that the phrase is highly relevant, it is a good idea to grab it and build content around it. Ranking on the search engines for several lower volume, but potentially higher converting, phrases can drive consumers who are ready to buy, to your website.

2) Build page ranking power off of your already high ranking pages. Visit Google Analytics and check out your top performing pages. Which ones get the most traffic? Which ones convert the best for your top keywords? Make a list of these pages. Then do four things:

  1. Add some temporary holiday-themed content to these pages. For example, you may sell black running shoes all year long, but for the holidays you are selling shoes that light up with red and green holiday lights. So you will update this main product page with:

-> Holiday deal content (copy, photos, video) and a strong call to action to entice users to buy the holiday style shoes.

  1. Then also create a new landing page about how your holiday shoes are manufactured (include exclusive behind the scenes info and more unique content), and via a strong call to action link; link it to your main product page.
  2. Write a press release about your new light up shoes and include video about how the shoes look great with most any holiday outfits. Link this press release to your main product page, which contains all the previously mentioned enticements to order.
  3. Don’t stop there. Also create blogs that point to your new content and your updated main black shoes page. Then use social media and email to distribute all of this content.

All of your new content will get a rankings boost due to the popularity of the main product pages you link them to. It will look like this when you’re finished:

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3) Timing is everything. Ever wonder about timing and content? According to BigCommerce, you should:

“Publish content 45 days in advance, which will help you participate in 90% of the search traffic.”

In other words, the closer to your ‘big day’ (holiday, sale day, etc.) you publish content, the less opportunity you have to drive high amounts of traffic. If you think about it, this is a logical point. You want to give yourself time to grab those early-bird searches, and keep going right through to your ‘big day’ with content messages on your website, blog, email, social media, video and press release channels. You not only want to give yourself time to produce the content, but you want to have plenty of time to distribute it. We recommend that you use an editorial calendar specifically themed for holiday content, and plan at least 60 days out.

And if all of this sounds a bit daunting – good news! You don’t have to do it all yourself. Engine-ius Marketing is here to help.

Engine-Ius Marketing Leads The Way To Profit For You This Holiday Season!

If you haven’t gotten started yet on your holiday content, or want to add to what you’re already producing, that’s where Engine-ius Marketing can help! We can scale additional content to any size requirement. Engine-ius Marketing can build an entire content campaign for you so you can ramp up visibility throughout all the channels where your audience congregates.

**Plus, we offer a very significant additional service – local SEO – that is not only huge around holiday time, but also year round! Get in touch with us now about this powerful traffic driver, and read more about how we approach local SEO, in our next blog.

Engine-ius Marketing can lead you to profit this holiday season! Call or email us now! 800-781-3074  info@engine-iusmarketing.com 

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