See How One Key Point Can Turn You Into An SEO Selling Powerhouse – Part 1 of 3

Once you get your white label SEO packages from your reseller…then what? It’s time to pitch them to your clients! If you just swallowed hard at that prospect, this three part blog is for you!

Back in March we published a month-long series on how to choose an SEO reseller, with lots of tips on how to find the right white label SEO firm for you. Then we discussed how Engine-ius Marketing, with its nearly two decades of experience, can do all the heavy lifting for you, so you look great in front of your clients. You don’t have to know everything about SEO when your reseller handles the day-to-day campaign work!

Don’t Know How to Sell SEO? We Make It Easy to Learn!

Even though you will be provided with all the packages that are ready to sell, you still have to go out there and sell them. But what if we told you that in addition to quality SEO packages, Engine-ius Marketing also provides this three-part tutorial (and even more selling know-how) so you can sell those packages to your clients…We make it easy for you to learn!

Awesome SEO Selling Tips

In this first of our three-part series, we’ll take a look at some of the scenarios you might find yourself in, when selling SEO services. We’ll also touch on some selling techniques. In the next blog of this tutorial, we’ll discuss step-by-step points you can present to clients, to help them understand the advantage of beginning and maintaining an organic SEO campaign.

Change How You Relate to Clients by Using This Important SEO Selling Point

Let’s start with the most important thing to remember about selling SEO. This will apply to everyone, regardless of what type of agency or business you run:

Selling should be a natural part of the conversation.

Introduce your complementary services (SEO) in the course of a conversation with the client about campaign progress. You don’t have to do a ‘hard sell,’ especially if you have already built up trust with the client through delivery of the services they are already receiving from you.

Here’s an example:

“So our PR campaign is going great. And you know what would kick it up a notch? See these landing pages we’re linking to? Let’s get them working for us too; by adding stronger calls to action, and optimizing the pages so they can be traffic drivers to the website through organic search. That way we get even more value out of what we’re doing.”

Phrases That Drive Sales

Phrases such as ‘get more value;’ ‘add to what we’re doing’ and ‘build on what we’re already doing’ resonate with clients. One way of getting clients to say ‘yes’ to additional services, is to show them that they’ll get lots of value for their investment.

Here’s a tip:

Show clients that what you’re doing isn’t a one-off: Let them know early and often that Everything You Do Is Connected. Keep connecting the dots and showing them that everything you do provides multi-purpose value, so that they see that they will receive a lot for their marketing spend.

Like this:

“OK, John. Once we optimize these landing pages, they’ll also work great linked from your email campaigns. Plus we’ll do some additional keyword research and flesh out some of the copy, so that way these pages will be excellent information pages that we’ll also use for our upcoming social media push.”

Think Like The Client

Back to our insight about selling being a natural part of conversations with clients. Let’s think like the client for a moment: The client not only wants, but expects you to recommend strategies that provide value, and ultimately, results. Always give them the opportunity to choose additional services (in this case, SEO), so they feel empowered.

Another scenario you may find yourself in, may not be so positive. Let’s say your content marketing campaign has hit a snag. Your goal was to have 500 people sign up for your client’s products as a result of seeing your articles on the client’s blog and via social media. You have only reached half your goal, and the client isn’t feeling too confident about spending more money to create additional articles.

Here’s how to reassure your client and get the SEO upsell at the same time:

“That’s right, Joe. Our signups are off pace, and we’re going to pick that up. This month we’ll write our standard number of articles and provide you at 25% off, our new SEO service that will get these articles placed prominently in Google search. Let’s talk about how we’ll make that happen.’

Then you discuss the broad points of a custom SEO package that your SEO reseller provides to you. At 25% off, you get the business, then provide even more value by optimizing the top 3 articles in the campaign for maximum visibility.  As you build the campaign’s success, you can look for more opportunities to add value and upsell the client.

In each of these examples we have shown that the best way to sell is to weave selling naturally into conversations you’re having about the campaign.

More Selling Power in Our Next Blog

All of this sounds good, right? Even when you sell awesome SEO packages, it’s always a good idea to anticipate a typical client objection: What if the client digs in his or her heels and will not go for the upsell (even if they say they trust you).

We have a terrific response to that! Join us next time when we examine SEO selling techniques that turn No into Yes!

Ready to get your white label SEO packages and start selling right now? Contact Engine-ius Marketing and we’ll help you get started with everything you need. We can show you how to make SEO a valuable new service offering for your clients.

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