How to Create Custom Images to Skyrocket Your Social Engagement

Content marketing can repay you with big dividends – not the least of which is increased trust in your brand. Building relationships with content is just as important as writing a sales letter or a landing page; it’s a different type of messaging that still has as its goal directing people to believe in what you stand for. If they believe it, they will want to do business with you, and not just in the short term.

But how can you (with help from your social media marketing agency) create enticing short and long-form content that tells your brand story? Well, today we’ll discuss one part of the formula: the inclusion of compelling images with your messages. Plus we’ll show you two great free tools to use to create the images. So even if you’ve entrusted copywriting to your agency, you can create the images yourself, or tell your agency about these tools and have them create amazing images and infographics to accompany your posts.

Why Not Just Use Stock Images, or No Images at All?

First; why should you include images with blogs, Twitter, Facebook or other social posts? Wouldn’t it be fine to write a message and just place a link to your website? Doing those things is only one piece of the puzzle. Did you know that messages with compelling images get more shares than those without? The actual statistics on this should make any marketer want to get going on image creation right now: Hubspot reports that ‘Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images.’ And that stat is only the tip of the iceberg as infographics are still popular and are great ways to combine text and images for visuals that get dozens of shares.

You or Your Agency (or Both) Can Create Great Custom Images with These Free Tools

Now that you’re convinced about the need to include amazing graphics with your social posts, you’ll want to know how to make them. You can easily do this yourself with the free tools we’ll discuss, but if you don’t want to or don’t have time, simply point your social media marketing company to these and watch your engagement go up!



  • Canva: This free tool is incredibly sophisticated. What’s great about it is it separates out its types of project categories so you can get started right away making exactly what you want; whether it’s a Twitter image, a Facebook post, or even a Tumblr graphic or Instagram post. The awesome part about Canva is they’ve got the sizing down for you; you won’t have to worry if the particular image you’re making will fit right; it’s already sized. Canva does allow you to use custom dimensions, too.Then you can choose from dozens of free templates, and their free fonts offer some very professional looks to add to your design.


It’s quite easy to dive right into the tool and start designing, or you can click on their ‘get design inspiration’ link at the left of the dashboard to see example projects  you can emulate.

You can also upload your own images to Canva and use those as your starting point for your designs. When you’re finished it’s easy to download your images or you can share them directly to Twitter and Facebook from Canva.

Canva is always adding new features. The latest one is team collaboration. This can come in handy if you and your social media marketing company want to work together on designs.

There are options to upgrade your Canva account, but frankly, the free version is quite feature-rich. Enjoy all of its benefits and see how custom-made images offer a great alternative to flat-looking stock images.

  • Pablo by Buffer: Pablo is a super-fast image creation tool from Buffer, one of the top social media scheduling, sharing and tracking tools. When you open Pablo a concise dashboard appears with templates, sizing tools, and filters all at your fingertips. Buffer says you can make a great image in Pablo in 30 seconds. That’s pretty much true because everything is laid out intuitively so it’s a quick task to grab a template and an image (or upload your own). The templates have text boxes built in so you can quickly double click to add your own text. The logo tool at the bottom of the right hand toolset lets you add your brand mark with ease. Create images for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or your blog with the sizing tools at the top of the page, then add quotes or position your own header, body or caption text.

Share your creations directly to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or download them. The awesome feature that Pablo includes is the ability to schedule right to Buffer from the Pablo tool. By creating and scheduling from Pablo to Buffer you can always have lots of new content scheduled ahead of time to go out on your social accounts. Now that’s efficient!

Get More Social Engagement in 2017 with Custom Images!

With Canva and Pablo, there’s no need to rely on plain stock images for your social posts. Get more clicks and shares by creating your own custom images to add to your messages. And if you would rather your social media agency create content for you, talk to us at Engine-ius Marketing! We can make your social posts pop!

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