How to Explode Your Local Search Results with Social Media [Part 1]

By this time most businesses and organizations have discovered the benefits they can derive from social media. We’d like to examine another reason to build up your social presence, in addition to brand image, customer service, and authority in your vertical. Local SEO is dog-eat-dog these days, and any advantage you can get over your competitor in local search results can mean the difference between a so-so sales day and a day where the cash register sings! Let’s discover why having an active social media presence can lead to more sales for your local business.

1) Google uses social signals to rank pages. Google uses hundreds of ranking factors; we will not claim that it gives inordinate weight to Facebook, Twitter or other social sites’ results. We will say that Google appears to use these accounts as ways to verify authority and authenticity. If you post regularly to Facebook, let’s say, and people interact with your content and your posts are deemed shareworthy, then you have a better chance of your social media presence becoming integral to how Google views your business when it ranks your website.

Note: Posting regular, relevant and stellar social media content is one way to help convince Google that your site deserves ranking in its local 3 pack. Social accounts can help businesses get quality social shares; i.e., votes on their content and their brand.

2) This one’s huge: Social media is another place where you can share your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). Make sure this NAP is consistent with the format you have used on your website, in local directories, press releases, and other places online. This consistency, again, signals to search engines that your local business, situated at your particular location, is a local provider of the product or service that you sell.

3) Fully develop your social profiles to maximize local SEO influence. Ensure you take maximum advantage of these. Fill them out completely with descriptions of your team, NAP, website, photographs of your products and business, menus, etc. These profiles are also great areas to (naturally, not in a spam-like way) insert relevant keywords.

4) Use your social profiles to share your customers’ sales and events – make your social accounts a hub of local news. While it’s important to share news about your own business, people don’t appreciate a ‘me, me, me’ focus. Get into the local scene and share info from your area. Your audience will start coming to you first for local news. That will build your authority as a trusted and well-known local business.

Bonus Tip: Write locally-focused content on your blog and share it on your social accounts. This will help position you as a local authority.

Watch for our next post. We’ll provide even more social media tips (including info about social media reviews’ importance) you can use right away to build your local SEO footprint.

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