How to Explode Your Local Search Results with Social Media [Part 2]

Why You Need More Facebook Reviews


Last time we talked about how social media can help build your local SEO presence. Another way to leverage social for local SEO is to get your customers to leave Facebook reviews. Since we’ve already established that search engines, especially Google, take into account regular, high quality posting on Facebook, it’s time to take the next step to getting the most value you can from your Facebook presence. Listing your business’s NAP (name, address, phone number) on Facebook reinforces you as a local choice for your products and services. Next it’s important to signal to Google (and of course human visitors to your page) that you are a preferred local business. You can accomplish this by accumulating Facebook reviews. Why get more reviews? People are motivated by advice they can get from other real people. Depending on the source, Facebook is said to have anywhere from 92-95% real profiles. This is a good percentage, compared to Twitter, where fake accounts may comprise up to 15% of all accounts. So there is actually a better chance that a Facebook review is created by a human being. Google will value that review more, and so will your Facebook fans.

How to Ask for Facebook Reviews

So you know you need more Facebook reviews to compete in your local space. Here’s how to get them:

The best way to get more Facebook reviews is to directly ask for them. The key is in the format of the email you send to your customers. Thank them for doing business with you and ask for a review on your Facebook page. Make it easy for them to leave a review by linking them to your reviews page. You can find the reviews page link on the left hand navigation on your Facebook page.


It will look like this when you copy and paste it into your email: [This is a sample link. Yours will actually have the name of your Facebook page where we’ve written ‘YourFacebookPageNameHere’.]

Send a Friendly Email Like This to Request Reviews

If you need a sample email to request reviews, we recommend this short, but effective style. Replace the bracketed items with your information:

Subject line: Can you help me spread the word about [Place name of your business here]?

Email body:

Hi [Customer name],

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for doing business with us! We truly appreciate it and wondered if you would be kind enough to help us out with a quick Facebook review. It’s really easy; you can leave a star review or write a comment if you choose!

[Cut and paste your Facebook review page link here]

We can’t thank you enough for your business and for helping us tell others about us!


[Your name, title, business contact info, etc.]


Track Your Responses & Ask Once Again, if Necessary

You’ll want to track who you sent these letters to and the dates. Plus you’ll want to watch your Facebook reviews page and track who responded with a review. Wait two weeks, then send this letter out again asking for a review. You can alter the letter a bit by adding: ‘Just a quick reminder’ or ‘Love to hear your thoughts’, etc. If someone has not responded after sending a second email, we recommend not writing again. But this technique can provide you with a system for requesting customer reviews on Facebook and get you in the habit of tracking them. You’ll be able to learn more about what your customers are thinking and how you can be even more helpful to them in the future!

Good for Local SEO, Great for Customer Service

While Facebook reviews can help enhance your local SEO visibility, they are most valuable as a way to get to know your customers. Why not take a few moments each week to reach out and ask for Facebook reviews? It’s time well spent!

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