How to Measure Your SEO Campaign’s ROI (Part 2)

Last time we explored the best ways to measure the ROI of your SEO campaign. Those were some useful ideas, and now we’ll show how they work in action.

Client Background: A major high tech industrial manufacturing client came to us in 2014 having recently suffered dramatic Google organic traffic losses. They were mystified as to the reason behind the traffic drop, which was costing them key business leads. Through our extensive onboarding process we took note of their concern about having had very good Google organic rankings about 4 months prior to our first meeting. Then the sudden drop off occurred, which could have been attributable to any number of factors. We set our experienced SEO specialists to the task of discovering barriers to indexing and in short order they were able to unlock the door for Googlebot.

Customized SEO Campaign Delivers Results

What our experts found was a no index tag that had been placed on about 75% of the client’s site. We surmised this was left over from some template code that was part of the new website design the client had pushed live a few months before. We rapidly coordinated with the client’s developer and had this tag removed, effectively opening the door to indexing by Google:

<meta name=”Robots” content=”NOINDEX,NOODP”>

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SEO Strategies That Position You for Success

Finding this barrier, while significant, represented only the first step in our journey to positioning this client for SEO success. Next on the agenda was a full content strategy that included creating code and copy for hundreds of the client’s website pages in a systematic fashion; feeding Google a continuous signal. This systematic campaign has grown in strength over the last three years, building a solid authority position for our client in Google organic search results.

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Today the campaign enjoys a complete turnaround, which continues to solidify and improve. The campaign matured over a year ago, and still drives thousands of visits every year to the client’s site. This is in stark contrast to 2014, when the site was ‘not found’ in search results for dozens of keywords.

Client’s Visibility and Reach Restored & Expanded

At the outset of the campaign, barriers to indexing blocked our client’s Google visibility. Our organic search campaign restored and greatly expanded our client’s reach online, which allows their customers to easily find their site, click through, and order.

Results: For this client [in addition to other double and triple digit traffic increases] we achieved for two of its most important conversion driver pages, 115% and 517% Google organic traffic increases over the 3 year life of the campaign, versus the previous time period.

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