Mobile-First Makes This a Terrific Time to Repurpose Content

           Mobile-First Makes This a Terrific Time to Repurpose Content

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Here at Engine-ius Marketing we’re big believers in repurposing content. If you’re like us, you like to wring every last bit of value out of your content. Why should a great discussion in a blog post stay there? It can live again as a series of social posts, turn into a short video, or be a great feature article in an email newsletter.

With smartphone penetration at 71.5%, there has never been a better time to take a look at your content inventory. It’s time to find ways to make your white papers, blogs, articles and videos take on new life as awesome mobile content.

Turn Your Videos Into Brand New Conversion Marketing Assets

How can videos be repurposed, you ask? One way is to create video transcripts. Transcripts are often made from videos so people have an alternate way to access the information. Transcripts make excellent companions to a video because they can be optimized with key phrases in headlines, subheads and calls to action. Your transcript can be the well from which you draw pithy phrases to place on your home page as teasers, linked to the video. Transcripts can be excerpted in email newsletters and linked back to your site. The possibilities are endless. Definitely go through your video assets and create transcripts for your most important videos.repurposing blogs content | Engine-ius Marketing

How to Create Video (and Audio) Transcripts

Various services can help you create transcripts from your video and audio files. One of the least expensive and easiest to use is Temi. It allows you to make your transcripts for a set price per minute, with no subscriptions or additional costs. The editor is easy to use and you can highlight, mark up, search by keyword, play your audio from any point, create new speakers and much more. It’s free to try and offers an inexpensive and feature-rich method to create and export transcripts (Word, PDF, VTT, SRT and more formats) that you can use on any number of platforms for your mobile content strategy.

Here’s a short Temi editor how-to that demonstrates its capabilities. We tested an upload of a pretty complex mp4 audio file. It created an extremely accurate transcript that was super easy to edit. The editor let us jump to any point to listen to audio and follow along in the transcript, if we chose.

Another way to create YouTube video transcripts is to go to YouTube video manager and add or edit subtitles and captions. If you want a more visual, step-by-step tutorial on how to do this, try this how-to from the University of Colorado Boulder. You can then get a more accurate transcript than the auto-generated one YouTube provides. Paste the resulting transcript into your editor for optimization.

Need yet another way to get the job done? You can also try Google Docs to create a YouTube transcript.

All of these transcript creation methods deliver excellent, and editable, results for little to no cost.

A Kaleidoscope of New Content from White Papers

You may have a cache of white papers that have aged a bit, and you’ve wanted to update the info in them. Serialize them by cutting them into shorter articles that you place on your blog. Revise any dated information, and take this opportunity to look for ways to visualize some of the content. You may be able to transform some of the data into an infographic or other enticing image. Professional graphic design can pay for itself with repurposing. Use any graphics created for these new blogs on social media to entice readers to click through to your website. Your new blogs created from white papers also offer you a chance to perform some key phrase research – you’ll want the latest queries answered by your stellar analysis.

content repurposing blogs SEO | Engine-ius Marketing

Break down your white papers into sections and grab the main point from each section. Match these up with challenges that your audience is facing. Use this information (and any updated info you would like to add) to address and solve the problems. You may wish to go even further with this strategy and build out a webinar or webinar series, and really wring every last drop of value from your white papers. Here’s an oldie, but goodie, 2012 tutorial from Moz to help you do just that.

Key Takeaway: The main point to remember when repurposing is that you’re doing more than shuffling the content deck. You want to personalize your new content to engage users and ultimately direct them to conversion.

Spread Your Message Far & Wide With Press Release Syndication

press release writing distribution | Engine-ius MarketingCheck out the benefits of this: “Syndication is the distribution of content through a network of strategic partnerships. It effectively spreads the message in a press release across a large amount of high traffic websites and businesses, efficiently bringing readers outside your regular audience to your press release.”

Syndicating press releases today puts your message on thousands of news and information sites and gives you the added advantage of social optimized news templates. These can be easily shared on Twitter and Facebook.

When you create a press release, the online press services offer multiple syndication tiers. If you are unsure which one to select, get the least expensive one that allows you to embed a video. Then you can add a short YouTube video to reinforce your message, and get the most value for your syndication investment.

Key Takeaway #1: Ensure that you choose an online press service that keeps your release online in perpetuity. Some only host your release for a limited time. You want your release to keep driving traffic to your website indefinitely.

Key Takeaway #2: Press releases can be used in a variety of ways; including for reputation management. “Good news” press releases can drive down other search results for your branded search. Google often retains press release results for branded searches for years – this represents terrific ongoing value.

Key Takeaway #3: Choose a syndication tier that provides you with a detailed report of where your press release has appeared. This will make tracking your efforts much easier. You can also add tracking parameters to the links, if you wish, so you can track data in Google Analytics. 

Get More Value from Existing Content with Engine-ius Marketing

You’ve invested valuable time and energy into creating great content. Get the most value you can by repurposing it for mobile! You don’t have to do all this work yourself – in fact, you’ll enjoy even more ROI when you have the content creation experts at Engine-ius Marketing working for you. Contact us today to get your mobile content marketing campaign started. You’ll soon be receiving more traffic to your site from a variety of sources; all derived from your repurposed blogs, white papers, videos and web copy. Get in touch with us now! (800-781-3074

Next time: Be sure to check back soon as we’ll delve into additional ways to repurpose content. We’ll talk infographics, slide presentations and podcasts! Content can always live on and drive new traffic to your site. Don’t miss our next post!

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