Learn the 2 Keys to 2019 Video Marketing Success (Part 1)

Plus Dozens More Video Marketing Tips in our 3 Part Blog Series

With the proliferation of mobile devices in the last few years, everyone can shoot photos and video at any time. What we take for granted in our personal lives sometimes gets a bit lost in translation when it come to business. Video is also exploding across the marketing landscape; so much so, that 81 percent of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

So if 87% of online marketers use video content, you can’t afford to be out of the loop – you need to not only use it, you have to use it better. That’s what we’ll discuss in this 3 part series on video marketing.

We aren’t going to make you wait until the end of this post to discover The 2 Keys, because they are the meat and potatoes of this discussion. Here they are:

The 2 Keys to Video Marketing Success in 2019 (and any other year):

1) Research your audience. Directly ask them what they want to see. What topics interest them? What types of videos do they want to watch?

2) What do you want to accomplish? Whether you’re a seasoned video marketer, one who has dabbled in video, or a newbie, you must set a goal for your video.

Do you want views, shares, conversions – Most people will say all of the above! It’s vital to have a goal when creating your video.

Part of the goal is communicating a specific message; the other part is aiming for an engagement result – the views, shares, clicks, and conversions.

Now is a terrific time to make a push with more video marketing because video will make up 82% of all online traffic by 2022. Serious marketers need to be producing quality video content consistently – starting today.

You’re a serious marketer; so let’s get going with the three steps you need to make video marketing a key part of your campaigns.

Video marketing consists of a three-part strategy:

1) The creation of the video

2) The promotion of the video

3) Measuring video marketing results

We include the goal for your video under the video creation step. The goal will also help you decide what to measure to determine the success rate of your video marketing.

What is it that you are going to discuss or show on your video? A very clear example of this is found on the website Instructables.com. This site is all about photos, text and video that show people how to do things. The how-to is one of the most popular video formats.

Let’s look at other types of videos you can create:

–>YouTube videos: Start here. Create your branded YouTube channel and then read below about the types of videos you can add to YouTube (by no means an exhaustive list but a good sampling to get you started).

You can find hundreds of tutorials (on YouTube itself) on how to make a YouTube video. A lot of these tutorials show you how to do this right from your phone. As you continue to build your understanding of the types of videos your audience likes best, create a mix of videos – some made by yourself or other amateurs, and some professionally produced. Experiment with types of videos and video run-times (we’ll get into that more in a moment), and then work on ways to promote your videos using all of your social media channels and more video promotion sites. It all sounds easy and it can be – provided you have the time and desire to satisfy your audience and outgun your competition.

Over time you can build a YouTube video library that you can archive on your website (this is a great asset you can create for users and also for boosting your search engine rankings for your top key phrases).

Another benefit: YouTube videos are easily shared across all channels, and are especially easy to embed in a WordPress blog (just copy and paste the video URL into the blog).

Plus: You can create transcripts of your YouTube videos and provide those on website pages, with the video embedded. These pages offer value to users and can be search optimized.

Explainer videos: You can use platforms like Biteable.com to make these. An explainer video is an animated short film that provides an engaging way of explaining a concept or service.

Social videos: Biteable is a good platform for making these, plus you can use Powtoon and a variety of other tools. The point is to create a short, memorable video that opens with an initial screen that makes a vivid impression on the viewer.

Videos shot at your events: These can be live or archived snippets from longer segments taken at a past event, as long as they are timely. You can shoot these yourself or, as some marketers do, hire a professional video creation company to shoot your event, then break down the video to nuggets you can use on social media or on your website.

Testimonial videos: You may wish to have some of your customers discuss their experiences using your products and services. These can be very helpful when people are trying to decide if they should buy from you. They want to know what others think about you.

‘Making Of’ videos: Don’t limit yourself to product or service announcement videos. Show people what went into creating your new offerings – introduce them to your team, give them an insider view into the creation process (you can do this in a general way without revealing proprietary info). These types of films are great for branding purposes and to influence buying decisions.

Facebook videos: Facebook offers its how-to so you can create videos that work on that channel.

They mention several apps you can use to make your video right from your phone. You can consult this page to learn how to make video ads. One great tip they offer is to make square videos because these take up more room on the screen and that causes people to notice them more.

Instagram videos: There are lots of tools for creating these videos; one that is pretty amazing is Animoto. It offers helpful template storyboards like DIY, Product Promo and Testimonials. Click any of those storyboard types and a variety of sub-categories are available for you to use, such as Fashion Lookbook How-to; Event RSVP; Seasonal Promo; Social Ads and more. Try out a few of these templates; upload your own photos and video clips and put your videos out there!

Plus you can experiment with video on other popular platforms like Snapchat. What can help you the most, regardless of the channels you choose for video distribution, is to research your audience. If people enjoy engaging with you on Twitter, then consider sharing videos there. You could begin with creating a YouTube channel and sharing some of those videos on Twitter and on your blog, and doing some live video sharing via Periscope.

Wow! That’s a lot of info to power up your video marketing! Don’t worry if you may not have focused on video heavily until now. The good news is many of your competitors don’t know this powerful video marketing fact:

“…The insatiable desire for more video is driven largely by shorter attention spans…”

So while some longer forms of video have their place, videos of about 30 secs – 1 minute can drive a lot of traffic and conversions. Work on videos of this length for several of your channels. You can even create shorter segments from some of your longer videos, to make them more engaging.

Video Campaigns & Engine-ius Marketing=More Traffic & Sales for You!

Get started and keep going! And remember – you don’t have to do all of this alone! Engine-ius Marketing can help you get the most out of your video marketing, including distributing your videos where your audience congregates. Increase engagement and drive conversions – Engine-ius Marketing can get you there! Call or email us today (800-781-3074 info@engine-iusmarketing.com)!

Part 2, next time: We’ll dig more into video creation and distribution, and we’ll answer two of the most frequently asked questions: 1) Do I have to appear in my videos, and 2) Do I have to get at least some of my videos professionally made?

Part 3: Check out our upcoming third installment in this series, where we’ll discuss how to measure your videos’ reach and engagement, and how to set up tracking so you can measure these metrics, and conversions.

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