Ring in the Traffic This Holiday Season: Top Tips to Ramp Up Your Local SEO

Part 2 of Our Holiday SEO Blog Series

How to drive the traffic you want for the holidays!

Last time we provided a guide to content marketing for the holiday season. Another important push you can make for the holidays (and it’s a great traffic driver for throughout the year) is to ramp up your local SEO campaigns. Neil Patel reports that 56% of retailers *haven’t* claimed their Google My Business (GMB) listing. That’s huge! If you haven’t, then it’s important that you do so now; (you can also get in touch with us to have us quickly and expertly do this for you)! Once your listing is in your control, it’s time to beef it up so it provides consumers with all the information you want them to know about you.

Key GMB Points to Power Up Your Listing

Among the dozens of GMB optimization tips you can find online (including direct info from Google), be sure to follow these three guidelines to ensure your listing stands out against your competitors:

  1. Be sure to select accurate categories for your business. This is a vital point when building out your listing. Take your time selecting these. Next, you’ll want to continue to make the listing accurate via attributes that your business offers (free parking, Sunday hours, free design center assistance, etc.).
  2. Great photography can turn your listing into a traffic driver. Your interior and exterior photos, product photos and other photography that describes your team and business (and user generated photos from your customers), need to literally speak for you! These photos cannot be dark or blurry or otherwise obscured. You may wish to have a professional photographer take them for you, to ensure that they will help your listing stand out from your competitors.
  3. Keep the content flowing right from the GMB dashboard. You’ll want to ensure that your potential customers stay connected to you via your blog; and GMB’s dashboard allows you to create posts, which are great potential traffic drivers back to your site. Offer short excerpts from your blog along with a compelling image, then link back to the full blog on your site. These posts can definitely get you found in mobile searches, so you’ll want to add them to your content strategy.

Even if you already have a GMB listing, you can update it for the holidays. Here are some key ways you can accomplish this:

* Let shoppers know if you have expanded or special hours during the holidays – update your store hours on your listing.

* Add holiday-themed photos to your photo collection on GMB. Get festive and include not only holiday-available products, but show your staff in holiday regalia – have fun with it and show your customers the human side of your business!

* Create a new holiday-themed video. It can be a ‘how to get the most from’ product demo video – which doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, too! Give people a reason to shop with you this holiday season by producing a video that shows them why your product and your customer service is the best!

Bonus Mobile/Local Tips:

You’ll want to ensure that you get found in mobile local search results – increase your chances with these tips:

1) Add a variety of relevant long-tail phrases to your content. These can be especially helpful to get you found on mobile and voice search. You can install some of these phrases in strong calls to action on your site. If you aren’t sure what a long-tail key phrase is, here is an example:

Atlanta restaurant gluten free menu

Think of it as a highly descriptive phrase that builds on ‘Atlanta restaurant menu’ with specific information; in this case, gluten free. It is often easier to rank for long-tail key phrases, and drive consumers who may be ready to convert, to your website.

And here are two great places to install those key phrases to help put your holiday campaign over the top:

  • Write a comprehensive multi-page guide on a topic your audience cares about, that answers questions in detail. Here’s a good resource: especially note the discussion on guide creation. Granted, creating a guide about a topic is not a new idea, but you can do it better than your competition by adding how-to videos, step by step images and more user-friendly features (or you can have Engine-ius Marketing do it for you…more on that in a moment!)
  • Ensure you have keyword rich (not stuffed) and descriptive image alt tags. These are helpful for SEO in general and even more helpful for mobile SEO. Deploy this going forward (and go back and create these tags for your top level product and category pages).

2) Pay attention to shipping – make it easy and cheap or free: This July 26,2018 article on Jilt.com, “eCommerce cart abandonment demystified,” includes multiple explanatory charts; with one that stands out; Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment: within this list, half of the reasons listed have to do with shipping.

If shoppers are confused about your shipping policies, think your shipping is too expensive, or won’t buy without free shipping, they will potentially jump from your site to another site that sells the item for a similar price and also offers easy/free shipping. Even if you won’t be offering free shipping, make it very easy for people to find out what it costs to ship.

You can get more sales if you make finding shipping info easy, as not everyone has the desire or time to spend on comparison shopping. Some people will want to make a purchase right away, and you can help them do that by reviewing your shipping policies (especially for the holidays, where you may wish to offer special shipping rates or inducements: Free shipping for purchases $50 and up, etc.).

Profit This Holiday Season with Engine-ius Marketing

Wow, that’s a lot of info in Part 2 of our series on how to drive more traffic to your website for the holiday season! Remember, you don’t have to do all this alone! Engine-ius Marketing can create a powerful digital campaign for the holidays that also delivers traffic and conversions year round. Discover the results content marketing, local SEO, and expert content distribution can make to your bottom line! And, if you need to get things ramped up fast, Engine-ius Marketing is the team you want to help deliver a stream of new traffic to your site! Give us a call or email today (800-781-3074  info@engine-iusmarketing.com) and let’s get you started on the road to profit this holiday season!

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