Power Up Your Mobile Campaigns With These 7 Email Optimization Tricks

With more than half of all email opens happening on mobile you have to structure your email marketing for mobile users.

That may sound like useful info for email marketers, but what about the rest of us? Maybe you want to optimize a blog for mobile. Or you want to create a killer article that gets thousands of mobile shares. Mobile marketing is what matters in 2019. Did you know that mobile-first email marketing strategies work great for all mobile copy? Check out our list of mobile email power tips and port them over to all your campaigns. You’ll attract more clicks and conversions because you spent time personalizing and optimizing your content for mobile.

1) Focus On the User

These email best practices work great with any mobile copy.     

> Focus on the user. Segment your list and send emails that are relevant to your recipients. If recipients signed up for a 3 part course on calligraphy, then that is what you should provide to them.

> Great email copy delivers one message to recipients and asks them to act on it. Don’t muddy the waters by asking people to sign up for your newsletter, shop your sale, download a podcast and read your blog.

It’s especially important when selling on mobile to keep information brief, or if you want to go into more detail, create a short video, or include a simple infographic that can explain several points quickly.

2) Headlines & Subheads Make or Break Your Mobile Copy

Learn to write a powerful email subject line. Then use those same skills to create irresistible article headlines. Here are some examples:

> 15 Must-Have SEO Tricks

> 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Seattle

> Up to 75% Off & Free Shipping til Friday!

> Your Coupon: 25% Off All Seasonal Merchandise!

Note the urgency and the personalization of these subject lines. Use that same strategy when you write blog headlines and social posts. This headline formula works well in landing page copy, too.

Break up text into easy to scan blocks. Two or three short sentences per block is enough. Preface each section with a subhead. All subheads should work together to move the reader down the page. They also allow people to skip ahead and find info that interests them.

Bonus Tip: Research shows that some people like to read long-form articles on their phones. These work well linked from an email newsletter (or blog). If you are writing a long-form article, spend even more time planning your headline and subhead synergy. It can have a big effect on your bounce rate.

3) Setting Expectations: Content Frequency

Since email marketing began there has been a debate on frequency. How often should you send emails to your list? There’s a fine line between being informative and being a pest. With email marketing you set expectations, and you can do the same thing with your blog or article schedule. With an email marketing campaign you can tell people who opt-in that they’ll get a 6 part report, with one issue delivered every Friday. On social media you can ask fans to sign up for your monthly SEO tips newsletter. When you set expectations, then deliver exceptional content, you not only meet, but you exceed, what people hoped for. That’s a goal you should have for all of your content.

4) Image Optimization Tricks Learned from Email

Images are vital in email copy and any mobile copy you create. Put these tips (learned from top email campaigns) to work for you:

> Images need to be compressed so they load fast on mobile. You may need some assistance from your webmaster to do this. Or, if you have a WordPress blog, there are image compression plugins you can try.

> Generic, stock photos won’t motivate people to action. You need crisp, clear product photography. Images that are zoomable work well for many products, such as clothing and furnishings.

> Custom infographics can persuade people where several hundred words might cause them to get confused and click away.

> Exclude lengthy text within images. Most text in images shrinks to an unreadable size when viewed on mobile devices. Use bolded labels, but steer clear of sentences within images.

> Get exceptional shots of people. Customer testimonials featuring photos and short video clips reinforce your value proposition. Photos of your team with very short bios put a human face on your company.

5) Mobile Video Embeds Can Be Tricky – Here’s How to Do It Like a Pro

You can embed short videos in email messages (anything longer than about 1 minute will often cause people to click away). Or you can go with a tried and true tactic: create a custom thumbnail of your video, and embed that into your email. Then link that to your video.

This tactic can be helpful if you are working on embedding a video in a blog, too. Some CMS’s make it hard to embed video, so linking to a thumbnail as described above, is a good workaround. In WordPress, embedding a video in your blog is straightforward. You can insert the YouTube or Vimeo video link into the editor and the video will automatically embed.

6) Email Calls to Action: Test These in All Your Mobile Copy

One of the best calls to action you can use in an email (and it works great in a social post and a landing page, too), is ‘Learn more.’ Test several variations of this phrase.

Try these powerful calls to action. Notice how each is short and direct:

  • Get Started
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe Now
  • Start Your 7-Day Free Trial
  • Try Premium Free

Find even more great call to action phrases here. The point to remember is the set up to the call to action. Make a pitch that convinces the reader that they are about to get something valuable. All they have to do is click to get it (or if on your site, provide their email, then click). Make it a no-brainer for the user to want to Get Started, Sign Up, etc.

7) What Happens After Users Click Through? Aka Don’t Lose The Sale On The Order Page!

Whether you’re selling from mobile email or through your blog, you need to close the deal. Smashing Magazine breaks out the top reasons why people don’t like checking out on mobile. These usually involve security and usability. People will shy away from mobile checkout pages with poor navigation and hard to use form fields.

Your mobile content has set the table for conversion. Now you need to deploy solid conversion rate optimization tactics to defeat mobile cart abandonment. Put shoppers at ease with mobile checkout designs that are proven to stimulate sales. Then use these three tips to drive mobile buying:

> Don’t ask for anything not needed to complete the checkout process. Sleeknote points out that asking for newsletter signups, coupon entries and other info can cause people to lose focus.

> Keep ’em in checkout. Don’t link out. The ultimate distraction: links that take people away from the checkout process. The only time you could do this productively would be to take people back to shopping on the site. Amazon does this well.

> Offer totally free shipping or free shipping when the customer spends X dollars. People are used to getting free shipping. Unless your product is incredibly unique, many consumers will buy from a website that offers free shipping, if you don’t. One compromise you can use is to offer free shipping if the shopper spends a certain amount; i.e., ‘Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50.’

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