Make Your Agency Mobile-Minded with White Label SEO

With all the changes to Google these days, it’s no wonder it’s hard to keep up, especially with mobile. Since half of Google’s traffic is from mobile devices today, it’s time you stepped up your game and offered your clients the best recommendations to ensure their sites are mobile-friendly. But you don’t have a mobile SEO expert on staff…so, what to do?

You can add mobile SEO to your services by contracting with an SEO reseller. This is the fastest way to get a professional on the job, without having to train him/her yourself. Plus you’ll be able to offer these services immediately to clients, instead of waiting until a new hire gets up to speed. Terrific! Here are a few key service elements you can offer to clients once you get your relationship started with your SEO reseller:

  • Page speed testing: This is huge today. There are many ways to make web pages faster, and your reseller will offer these methods as part of their repertoire. Each of your clients will benefit by their sites loading faster on mobile devices.
  • Image caching: Part of the page speed section above, image caching can be really important on image-intensive sites like realty and eCommerce sites with thousands of product images. The ideal scenario is for images to be crisp and clear, but also very fast loading on all devices. Your white label SEO reseller will know the peak speeds that images need to load, and can review your images for recommendations and fixes.
  • AMP pages: Google wants mobile pages to render quickly and to provide a great user experience. Have your reseller look into AMP pages as an important way to increase website traffic via mobile. Pages that load fast and offer users an easy way to navigate have the best chance to rank well and send mobile users to your website.Your SEO reseller will have all the details. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss for your clients.
  • Schema markup: This code helps the search engines interpret what your pages are about. There are specific Schema codes for various types of businesses; your SEO reseller will know about these and how to apply them. Once applied, search engines will know that a business is, for example, a restaurant in San Diego serving steak, seafood, and salad and is open from 5 pm – midnight daily. Schema markup is another way to help your website rank in its category and you can have your SEO reseller include this as part of a white label SEO package.

There are a number of other strategies and tactics your SEO reseller will use to help your clients gain maximum mobile SEO traffic. So you can get the benefit of mobile SEO, we recommend you interview a few private label SEO resellers to find the best fit for your agency. See our article on how to do that, here.

Ready to get started with a white label SEO reseller and help your clients crush mobile? Engine-ius Marketing is here to help you make it happen!

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