How to Optimize for ‘Near Me’ Searches (Part 2)

We’re building on the foundation we started in our previous discussion on optimizing for ‘near me’ search queries. Here we offer 5 more ways to grab ‘near me’ search traffic. Get going with these tactics that your competitors often overlook!

Last time we delved into some great ways to optimize your website for popular ‘near me’ search engine queries. Now we’ll take a look at some tactics that are a bit more in the mainstream, but a number of your competitors either won’t take the time to use them, or they may underutilize them. We’ll teach you how to get the most from these tried and true optimization techniques so you can rank for relevant ‘near me’ questions and typed searches!

Let’s dig into what else you can do to pull in ‘near me’ and more local-focused traffic!

>Optimize photos. An often overlooked or underutilized tactic! Think about your local area and the services you offer and take original, compelling photos (investing in a professional to do this for you can be wise), and tag them with keywords. We aren’t advocating keyword stuffing the alt tags, but create a rich tag that accurately describes your photo and acts as a true complement to the copy it is associated with.

>Dig into competitive research. Beyond the cliche ‘stealing your competitors’ keywords’ technique, it’s important to dig under the hood for the nuggets that can bring you success. Check out your competitors’ websites and see how they construct their category pages, their calls to action, image optimization, and Schema markup. Then take a look and see what local-focused articles they’ve written on their blog, and top it off with doing a scan of their local directory listings.

>Keep extensive lists of queries. Do some manual searches on Google for typical queries in your industry, and note what Google provides for variations in Google Suggest and related searches. Also pay attention to the ‘People Also Ask’ section in the search results, and grab ideas that are closely related to your query. Work these variations into your copy in a natural way, to help you rank for synonyms of your main keyword theme.

>Ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Google wants to provide the very best user experience, and if your site is not mobile friendly it cannot rank well for local searches. We recommend testing your site not only for mobile friendliness, but for an exceptional mobile experience.

>Create local-focused content. In addition to keyword rich and high quality text, content includes images, audio and video. Your content needs to provide answers to important questions that people might have about your local area and your business’s place in the community. For example, if you are an outdoor outfitter in Gatlinburg, TN, create a video that puts people into the action, such as ‘How to Navigate the Laurel Falls Trail’ – and put on a head cam and actually hike the trail and show people what it’s like, while demonstrating the gear that you sell.

It’s content like this that gives people a rich experience, and that has the highest chance of helping you rank for relevant key phrases.

*Here’s a point to ponder: While ‘near me’ searches suggest people riding around with their phones, looking for local stores, restaurants, events and things to do, traffic from these searches can, and does, still come from desktop (laptop) computers. Often these are folks planning vacations, and researching products (where they might want a larger screen to view product photographs). So it’s important to key in again on a point we have made every time we discuss creating quality content:

>>Content is more than web copy (and great web copy is a Holy Grail of its own). Provide a terrific user experience for both your desktop and mobile audiences – create infographics, images, video and more visual assets. Optimize these for local search by following the tips on this page. Brand these assets so people know where this great content came from.

Bonus Tip #1

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Bonus Tip #2

You may have heard about Schema Markup, but you weren’t sure how to implement it so you’d get the most local SEO advantage. As leading local SEO visibility experts, we know how to deploy Schema plus take advantage of additional markup within the traditional code, so Google can more easily identify who you are and what you do. Contact Engine-ius Marketing for a complete local SEO campaign that leverages Schema Markup!

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