How to Upsell Clients by Outsourcing SEO

As a marketing agency, providing more services to your clients means you will make more money. Adding SEO services can be highly attractive to many potential and current clients, but it is a difficult service category to master.

You don’t have to say no to clients who are asking for SEO services. Outsourcing SEO services adds a revenue stream to your company without requiring a substantial investment. Simply upsell your current clients with a proven way to guarantee more website traffic and maintain all the credit. Begin outsourcing SEO through a trusted reseller, and offer SEO packages to your clients almost instantly!

What to Look For When Hiring an SEO Reseller 

When hiring an SEO reseller, there are a variety of things you should look for. Take your time and interview several agencies; you can do this before you need specific services, so that way you’ll have a reseller agency set to go, when you need it. Keep these points in mind:

They need excellent technical capabilities – Your SEO reseller should have the skills required to handle the complex and extensive tasks involved in successfully optimizing your client’s online assets. Be certain you are hiring experts in their field that can provide you with a dashboard or portal you can easily navigate and monitor.

They should have excellent content marketing proficiency – The optimization and quality of the content writing should be first rate. Make sure the teams that write for your client have a good understanding of the client and their audience, along with the ability to match the style and tone for various types of industries.

They must be collaborative and communicative – The SEO reseller you hire should be excellent at communicating and collaborating. Ensure you are hiring someone that can set realistic expectations, keep you informed about your campaigns, and provide an understanding of SEO trends. 

They should have experience in your industry – Not every SEO reseller possesses an understanding of the complexity of SEO algorithms and relevant content. Choose a company with clear capabilities that can offer examples of their previous work.

They should be reasonably affordable – A good reseller should offer rates that reflect the industry standard, but are still feasible for your clients. Inquire about different SEO packages and the benefits of each to find an option that will work best for you and your client.

Engine-ius Marketing has 15 years of experience in SEO, with a long list of satisfied private label SEO customers. Call today for a free analysis and to learn more about outsourcing SEO.

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