3 More of the Best Ways to Repackage Content for Mobile

Last time we shared a variety of ways to repurpose content and get it updated and mobile-friendly. Let’s continue this discussion, so you can get maximum ROI from all of your content. The secret is to think about the issues your audience is facing, and deliver content that solves problems. Against the huge sea of content on the Internet, you need to strive for a unique take, so your audience becomes engaged and takes action.

r content marketing | Engine-ius MarketingMaybe you’ve created an outstanding video that shows how to make a bookshelf. Perhaps it’s a 10 minute video and you’d like to find a way to trim it down. You figure that you can make an accelerated how-to, with 5 steps, and each step will be only 30 seconds long. Sounds great, and it’d work well on mobile. But how can you make that happen? Let’s dig into this and two more content repackaging strategies to help you transform old content into new!

Bite-Size Videos: Help People Get the Answer & Go

You could send your video to an agency that specializes in video editing, but that might be costly. There are lots of DIY video editors out there; some of them are low to no cost. VLC Media Player is a well-known video player, and it offers easy to use video clip creation. You won’t need advanced knowledge to edit your videos with this software. Simply follow these instructions, or use the shortcut keys to create your video clips. VLC Media Player is free.

Here’s another way to create a video clip; it’s easy to access from your iPhone or iPad. Just go to the Apple Photos app on either of these devices – no need to download any additional software or apps. Then set up your clip via these instructions. This is another free way to create a clip with no video editing experience!

So once you’ve created some clips, what should you do with them? They’ll make great additions to blogs, email newsletters, web pages and social posts. People love videos, but they often don’t have time or inclination to watch long films. Engage users and motivate them to convert with bite-size videos – these videos run only a few seconds to a minute – the perfect length when a person is looking for a fast answer. Users will appreciate your clips that give them a highlight and allow them to move on.

Turn Your Blogs Into Podcasts

If you have an evergreen blog post, or one that’s especially timely, now might be the perfect time to turn it into a podcast. Podcast Insights states that 44% of the US population has listened to a podcast, and these listeners (about 80% of them) generally listen to an episode all the way through. With podcasts so popular today, you may find a ready and waiting audience for your message; but what’s the best way to get a podcast up and running?

Foundr offers its 6 Point Checklist to help you get started. Download their free cheat sheet and repurpose your content into engaging podcasts that grow your audience. Foundr can show you how to choose a good microphone, and they offer recording and editing tips. Then you’ll need a podcast hosting service, and Foundr reviews several of the top choices. Many, like Podbean, offer free options, and their paid tiers allow you to access analytics and more features.

how to make a podcast | Engine-ius Marketing

If you’re a WordPress user, Wpbeginner offers many helpful tutorials. Their podcasting tutorial goes deep into scripting out your episodes and how to publish your podcast with WordPress. You’ll also get info on how to submit your podcast to iTunes.

Once you decide to create a podcast, part of the formula for success is to be dedicated and produce episodes on a regular basis so you can build a following. There are several ways to make your podcast stand out, and one that is crucial is to use more than one person to present the show. It is more natural to hear two or more people banter back and forth, versus one person talking during the entire episode. Invite guests to your podcast, so you can interview them about topics that interest your listeners.

There are lots of ways to power up your podcast, including growing your social media exposure. Promoting your podcast is the same as promoting your blog or any other aspect of your business. You’ll want to entice people with a promise of a payoff. For example, if you see that your audience wants to know more about fishing the top ponds in the Twin Cities area, tell them in your social posts that you have 4 Twin Cities Pond Fishing Hacks You Can Try Now! Then link to your podcast. Another powerful way to engage people on social media is to ask for their opinion. You can say: “What’s your favorite Twin Cities’ area pond to fish and why?” You don’t want to answer everyone’s reply with a link to your podcast (no one wants to be labeled a spammer), but you can answer a few folks sincerely, and tell them that they may want to find out some pond fishing secrets in your new podcast.

Podcasts can get very popular if you deliver engaging stories that help people solve problems, or even make them forget their problems for a while. [Engine-ius Marketing can help you get your podcast listed in key directories. Our SEO strategies can help put your podcast in the hands of people you want to connect with! Get in touch now to get your campaign started. [800-781-3074 info@engine-iusmarketing.com]

Tell Your Story on Issuu

You may have heard of some of the online publishing and distribution platforms, but weren’t sure which to try. Issuu has grown quite a bit in recent years, and offers a user-friendly interface for anyone who wishes to share or sell a publication online. You create the publication using your own tools (presentation saved to high quality PDF works well for most content). The resulting file can then be uploaded to Issuu, where it will be transformed into an attractive, magazine-like publication. You have the option (depending on the subscription tier you choose) to remove all advertising. You can also access a shareable link to a full screen reader.

how to use issuu content marketing | Engine-ius Marketing

SEO opportunities with Issuu: It’s easy to enter in a title and description for your publication, which you can optimize with key phrases. Don’t forget to fill out your public profile. Here you’ll be able to write an optimized title and description about your business, and include your contact information: website, phone number, Twitter handle, and email address.

The possibilities with Issuu are endless – catalogs, PDF fact sheets, new model descriptions, portfolios, newsletters and many more publications can be shared there. Grab your shareable links to your work and share on social media, in email messages and on your website. Issuu opens up a whole new way to get the most from your repurposed content.

Professionally Create & Distribute Content With Help From Engine-ius Marketing

Wow – we’ve shared a big list of content repurposing tips over these last two blogs! Now, instead of spending hours creating more blog posts, videos and other assets, you can repackage what you have into engaging, new content. You don’t have to worry if you’re not feeling creative – Engine-ius Marketing can handle the repurposing for you! With nearly two decades of online marketing experience, we can expertly connect you with your audience. Get your online campaign started with us today! (800-781-3074 info@engine-iusmarketing.com)

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