You Can Become an SEO Selling Powerhouse (Part 3 of 3)

Last time we looked at some great ways to sell white label SEO packages. Plus, we examined some common client objections and how you can overcome those to get the sale! Now we’ll look at one of the biggest opportunities (and challenges) you’ll face as a seller of SEO services: the client with the new website.

Offering SEO for New Websites

So why does a new website pose a challenge? After all, it’s new, and it’s likely that the site has had lots of attention, and probably hasn’t been live long enough for the site owner to get into any issues with Google yet. That’s most often true, but a great time for an agency to work on SEO for a new site is preferably hand in hand with the developer. Barring that, you want to get started on SEO as soon as possible. When we say a new site, this is a bit different than changing an existing site to a new look and feel, or a new navigation design (although those present their own challenges). What we mean here is a completely new site that has recently gone live; with no content having ever lived on its new domain.

Let’s see how you can help your clients succeed, while you make a profit by selling SEO packages tailored for new site owners!

Why You Want to Sell Link Development to Owners of New Websites

One of the best services you can sell to a client with a new website is a link development package. Since the site is new, it will have few, if any, links pointing to it. Google treats links like votes for a website. Relevant, quality links pointing to a site help the site rank higher vs. competitors. These links confer authority on a website, and your agency can offer these link building services that deliver a steady stream of links and a growing authoritativeness in Google’s eyes, for your client’s site. The best part is you don’t have to be a link expert to offer these services. Engine-ius Marketing’s link packages give you the ability to sell, while we fulfill your request for monthly link acquisition.

Here’s a really exciting way to sell this service! If your client wants to dominate her local area, have Engine-ius Marketing build local links to your client’s site. We can create quality local-focused content that highlights the client as the expert within a designated local area. Each month we continue to add to that foundation of content with links back to the client’s site. You can also add some of the content to the client’s blog, to engage visitors looking for local news and local-inspired information.

We Offer a Complete Suite of Local SEO Packages for You to Sell

Since we’re talking about local SEO, be sure to ask our specialists at Engine-ius Marketing about our local SEO packages, that are vital for a new website. A new site needs to find its niche locally, and even if the client’s business has existed for years, the new website will have to compete with more established sites that have already built their online presence. We offer a suite of local SEO services to develop and grow a new site’s local visibility so that it can soon stand toe-to-toe with competitors, and reach its desired local audience. Your client will be thrilled that you can help her get the local exposure she needs! Plus, you’ll be able to use local SEO as a point of differentiation for your agency. Some agencies offer local SEO, but not all excel at it. You can be the problem-solver where other agencies have failed, when you partner with top local SEO reseller, Engine-ius Marketing.

Here’s a great example: Engine-ius Marketing systematically built a local search presence for a noted car dealership in St. Louis. Through key phrase research, creation of onsite and offsite content, link development, citation building and more local SEO-focused activities, we have in 18 months exploded this dealership’s Google local rankings by 450%! They now enjoy more phone calls and onsite location visits due to their ever-growing local presence on Google.

The Best White Label SEO Packages=SEO Selling Success!

Need more ways to build out SEO campaigns for your clients? We recommend our 3 part blog series, starting with Increase Conversions by Mastering the Search Wave.

Get your clients the results they want with Engine-ius Marketing’s white label SEO packages. You reap the rewards; we do the work for you! Contact us today to get started – ask about our local SEO packages and make a big impact with your clients!

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