4 Ways to Drive Incredible Traffic from Underperforming Pages

The definition of an underperforming page can mean different things to different people. It can help to review the goals you had for the content, when you first created it. Some of these criteria can help you decide if your page needs revision:

  • Does the page get high engagement on social media?
  • Does it teach people how to do something (leading to engagement and conversions)?
  • Is it tightly aligned with your audience’s interests?
  • Does the content answer questions that your audience has about the subject?

Your page may be a very good page, with lots of key points you want to share with site visitors. It may just need some refocusing. Don’t worry that you might have wasted time on it! You can re-purpose it, re-target it and revitalize it to get that engagement and conversion power you’re looking for!

1) Re-purpose and re-target. Perhaps your page didn’t work so well as a blog post, but maybe it’s the beginning of a great white paper resource. Expand on the blog and build it out to a rich resource with researched facts, quotes from authoritative sources and additional background material to support your points. Then republish this content on your website and share it on social media.

2) Punch up your page with an accompanying video. Perhaps your page teaches someone how to do something. Explanatory content is very popular online, especially if it answers questions your audience is interested in. You may wish to create a short video that literally shows people how to do something, then embed it into the page. Now you can share this upgraded page on your social platforms and with your email subscribers. The new hook: let them know that you have added a helpful video tutorial.

3) Revise pages into podcast summaries. Maybe you have created pages on a topic that interests your customers. Somehow the content has fallen flat, but you know there are a lot of good nuggets in there. You can create a podcast series to showcase those nuggets, and revise the pages to act as summaries for your new audio files. Users can skim the summaries and then listen to the accompanying podcasts. Here’s a bonus: The summaries are great pages to use for ranking important key phrases in search engines.

4) Perform a content audit of your competitors’ sites and gain awesome data to reinvigorate your underperforming pages (or create new content)! There are tools to help you discover content on competitors’ sites, but you will want to get your hands dirty and do a manual content quality evaluation; you’ll be able to dig deeper and find where your competitors have missed opportunities that you can capitalize on.

Here are a few points to help you get started:

  • From what you know to be true, how does your competitors’ content stack up vs. best practices and how it communicates information?
  • Does your competitors’ content align with user intent; does it meet what users in your audience expect to find when making a search query?
  • Note any content gaps – maybe your competitors have not addressed some key topics, or have thin content for these themes. This is where you will find some great opportunities to create new content and rank for important key phrases.

We’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg with our recommendations. The key point to remember is to weigh how your pages are performing versus the goal you had for the content, going in. If things haven’t worked out, you can work to upgrade the content so it delivers the results you want.

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