The Amazing Benefit Your SEO Reseller Provides That No One Told You About

If you’ve been following along during our month-long blog series, you will have discovered dozens of great ways your agency can benefit from white label SEO packages offered by a trusted SEO reseller. From growing your agency with cutting-edge services, to ordering custom private label SEO packages, to learning how to interview prospective SEO outsourcing companies, our tips have covered the gamut of white label SEO. Except for one key item that we’ve been saving. This is a key advantage that you can get, and it’s likely no one has told you about this before.

High Power SEO Campaigns Don’t Rely on One Source of Traffic

A really good SEO reseller offers multiple services that deliver targeted website traffic and highly converting visitors – independent of traditional SEO. This fact may fly in the face of what most agencies believe – that all site visitors are somehow dependent on Google and other organic search traffic sources. Actually, there are many other quality sources of site traffic you will want to consider so that your clients will always have a consistent flow of visitors. It’s important to build these alternative traffic sources so your campaigns are not entirely dependent on the whims and changes that occur with regularity at the search engines.

Here are a few of the top traffic sources your white label SEO reseller will help you cultivate:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Online press
  • Images and videos

Most all of these can help you rank better in search engines, but they can also stand alone and drive traffic to your site. You can, for example, use social media as your distribution hub to disseminate press releases, images and videos. You can do the same with email to let people know about your latest how-to videos, blogs, etc. A really good SEO reseller injects SEO principles into these traffic drivers so people are encouraged to click through and visit your site.

The best way to get the most from your SEO reseller relationship is to have your reseller agency construct campaigns that provide a thorough mix of traffic drivers. Relying solely on Google, or only on social media, leaves a lot of opportunities on the table. Talk to your reseller about custom white label SEO packages and take advantage of some of these non-search engine traffic builders!

How a Good SEO Reseller Drives Traffic from Multiple Sources

Here’s a great example: Your client comes to you looking for ways to gain online visibility for his car dealership. You recommend a foundational SEO campaign. You then talk to your SEO reseller and she advises you to add online press and videos to the mix, along with social media and email marketing to get the word out. These assets (video, press releases, social accounts) help reinforce the campaign so it isn’t completely reliant on search traffic. The great advantage of this type of campaign is that it will also help your client in the search engines, while spreading around the traffic referral sources. It’s definitely a ‘win-win!’ Plus, with your reseller doing all the work, all you have to do is brand the campaign with your logo and enjoy the accolades when the great results roll in!

Looking for the ultimate edge with your clients? Work with Engine-ius Marketing for your white label SEO campaigns. Your clients will get traffic from multiple sources and enjoy positive results in search engines! Talk to us today to get started!

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