Working with an SEO Reseller on a Site Audit

One of the most useful products a digital agency can offer to its clients is a site audit. An SEO expert will conduct a comprehensive site audit almost like how a mechanic reviews the systems in a car. Each element is a vital part that allows the entire site to function well, present a positive user experience, and rank well in search engines for relevant keywords. It takes professional experience to conduct an SEO site audit; and this task should be performed by experts who can provide meaningful recommendations. If your agency would like to offer this product, you don’t have to worry that you may not have the ability to create it yourself. You can work with an SEO reseller who can do it for you.

Use Site Audits to Get More Business & As a Campaign Roadmap

Not only can the SEO reseller fulfill your request for a client’s site audit, the reseller can also sell you the audit as a white label SEO service. In this way, you can brand it and sell it as your own work.

There are two main ways that site audits can help your agency get more SEO business:

  • The site audit acts as an introductory solution that you offer clients. They pay for the site audit and the relationship that you build with the client during the process allows them to get to know you and your team. Building client relationships is just as important as having SEO knowledge. When the client sees that the SEO audit that you provide is thorough and prioritized, they will get a very good impression of your agency as one that takes its work seriously. The site audit is your opportunity to shine – use it to impress your client with the quality of your work.
  • A site audit can act as a roadmap for a digital marketing campaign. Even if your client has a developer who can help implement the recommended updates to the website, often the developer will need a prioritized list of tasks, and may need some assistance (explanation of tasks) to get the job done. Your agency can use the site audit as a strategy tool to win business.

Now that you know the advantages of offering SEO site audits to clients, and the benefits of having an SEO reseller create these for you, the next step is to interview some resellers. You’ll want to find a reseller who can create detailed SEO audits that go beyond the basics. Have your prospective agencies show you samples of their work. Then choose an SEO reseller and start offering site audits to your clients!

Engine-ius Marketing creates expert private label SEO site audits you can use to upsell clients and attract new business. Get in touch today and let’s get started!

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