If an SEO Reseller Should Approach You: Here’s What You Should Ask Them

It’s not an unusual scenario to have a salesperson contact you with an offer to purchase services. Should an SEO reseller get in touch with your agency, it might be a good idea to sit down and listen to what she has to offer. With white label SEO, your agency can ramp up its offerings fast, allowing you to provide a greater range of services to your clients.

If you don’t know much about SEO resellers and the advantages of purchasing private label SEO services, you’ll want to carefully note what the reseller tells you, and then be prepared to ask several questions of your own. Here is a helpful list to get you started:

  • Can you give me examples of how your SEO services delivered results for your partner agencies? Do you have case studies I can read?
  • Name a service you want help with, and explore the SEO reseller’s knowledge and expertise. For example, you could ask: ‘I need to deliver a monthly newsletter for my client that provides information on luxury cabin rentals in Tennessee. Can you segment my list, send the appropriate messages to the right people, and then report back on opens, clicks, shares, and conversions?’ Specific questions like this will help you gauge the reseller’s capabilities. A simple ‘yes’ answer isn’t sufficient. The reseller needs to provide examples of how they will accomplish the tasks you request.
  • Tell me about your team. What experts do you employ to carry out the SEO strategy? The reseller should discuss their team with you, and it may also be a good idea to meet them (at least via phone or video conference) to discuss your needs.
  • What types of custom white label SEO packages can I order? This is an important question because you want the flexibility to order custom services to meet your clients’ particular needs. Give examples of some of the services you need and then discuss how they can be scaled for your clients. 
  • What about reporting? If the SEO reseller will do all the reporting for you, that will be a big issue taken off your plate. You can review their reports, brand them with your logo and write executive summaries if you like, so you can keep current on progress and add your input.

So if an SEO reseller should approach you, you’ll now have a good idea what to ask them. While resellers are of course wishing to make money for their own agencies, you can add to your revenue stream if you find the right resellers to work with. It’s a good idea to conduct several interviews until you find the right fit. A good SEO reseller relationship can last a long time and provide you with an array of new services for your clients.

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