Don’t Let That Client Get Away! Use an SEO Reseller to Deliver More Services!

Add More Services & Upsell Customers

Digital marketing has always been a competitive industry. Here’s a case in point: You have a great customer with whom you’ve been working for the past several months on a PR campaign. You want to pitch them a full SEO campaign, as the timing couldn’t be more perfect, with the new PR push. You believe that the client may have maxxed out their budget with you, and may balk at spending any more money. In fact, they have told you they would like SEO services and have actually been looking around at affordable vendors. Your agency doesn’t offer SEO, but you sure would like to keep that customer from signing elsewhere for SEO…what to do?

Selecting the Right Fit: Hiring vs. SEO Reseller Services

Your agency is faced with a decision. You could hire a new employee and as their first project, have them dedicate their time to your client’s SEO needs. This might be a good solution, but your agency isn’t in a position to hire someone full time right now. But there is another turnkey solution that can get you that SEO contract. It’s called white label SEO, and it’s a perfect fit for your problem.

A number of SEO agencies resell their services to others just like you, and this solution can make it easy for you to get the services you need as an add-on or upsell for your customers. You make a much smaller resource investment, as compared with hiring a full-time, in-house employee, and you can brand these SEO services with your agency’s name. Think of it as ‘just-in-time’ SEO. You use it when you need it, and it is the perfect complement to your internal team.

Stay in Control with White Label SEO

Another great reason that digital marketers like white label SEO is that they can stay in control. You can run the relationship in any way that works between you and the reseller. In this case, it would work well to remain as project manager, and the SEO firm can act as your fulfillment partner. You could even hire them to speak to your client on monthly reporting calls, to provide a seamless impression of the SEO firm as part of your team.

Working with an SEO reseller provides your agency with lots of options. You can negotiate what you need with the reseller and ensure your client receives SEO services ready to go whenever they’re needed!

Would you like to investigate how white label SEO services can add to your bottom line and delight your customers? Engine-ius Marketing can work with you to make it happen!

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