Setting Up a White Label SEO Package for Technical Issues

One of the most common problems during an SEO campaign is when a client’s site becomes the barrier to progress. Often technical issues on a client site cause it to fall into disfavor with the search engines. Much of this can be attributed to delivering a poor user experience, inadvertently blocking the search engine bots from site reseources, or otherwise creating roadblocks to indexing and ranking. Sometimes these issues are not easy to uncover, and valuable time is wasted trying to track down the source of the problems.

White Label Technical SEO Solutions

White label SEO packages come in many forms. One package you can buy is a package of technical SEO solutions that can make a huge difference in the success of a client’s campaign. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say, for example, that your agency has delivered SEO services to your client for one year. All was well until last fall when your client steadily lost organic traffic between September and December. You’ve tried to nail down the cause of this issue, but it has pretty much stumped you up to now – you just aren’t sure what happened. In the meantime, some of the traffic has come back in the new year, but not enough for your client to feel confident. He has been threatening to find a new SEO firm. How can you turn things around?

You can find an SEO reseller who offers technical SEO packages. If you need the ‘voice of authority’ to satisfy your client on a conference call, you could even contract with your reseller to have one of their experts discuss the particulars of the technical fixes on the phone with the client’s team. You can introduce the SEO reseller as your senior SEO strategist; basically private labeling their expertise as your own. The client will be impressed that you have such a knowledgeable team member on board, and the SEO reseller will address the complex issues that have eluded you. It’s a win for everyone!

Bonus tip: A great way to win in these situations is to not wait until the need arises for high level, technical SEO knowledge. It’s a good idea to interview SEO resellers with these capabilities ahead of time, and have at least one or two identified. Then you will know who to call when you need them. Plus you’ll have the advantage of knowing what technical SEO packages will cost you.

Need to build a relationship with a trusted, knowledgeable SEO reseller that offers high level technical skills? Give Engine-ius Marketing a call, or contact us online. We’re ready to battle any technical SEO problems and make you look good!

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