How to Get Found for Spoken Queries on Google Home & Amazon Alexa (Part 2)

Last time we discussed the new voice assistants (also known as smart speakers) and how you can position your business to have the best chance to be found via voice search. We call the smart speakers ‘new’; they actually have been around for nearly 3 years (first release date in the US of the Amazon Echo was June 23, 2015). Since that time these voice-activated devices have become ubiquitous; currently 39 million Americans own a smart speaker. This is a big and growing audience that you can learn to get in front of, and sell to, if you know how.

Solid Key Phrase Research Points the Way to Query Building

First and foremost, solid key phrase research is vital. Once you have created your keyword list, it’s time to adapt it by creating queries. Try these question formats to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Best way to
  • How to
  • How much
  • How many
  • How long
  • How to stop
  • How to get rid of
  • How to remove
  • Where is
  • Where does
  • What is
  • What causes

You can match these query starters with your key phrases. Create queries that your audience is likely asking (speaking into their phones or to their smart speakers). If you are a home builder, some of your queries could be:

>>How to find a reputable home builder

>>What is the best way to find a good home builder

Or if you are an exterminator, your audience is probably searching on these phrases:

>>How to get rid of termites

>>How to remove mice

>>How to stop ants from entering my home

See how this works? You use the query format, then fill in the blanks with your keywords at the end of the phrase.

Use Google for Content Creation Research

Once you have a few queries created, then it’s time to build content that answers these questions. Before you get started, you might want to do a few searches and see what type of content is already out there for your query. In the case of ‘how to get rid of termites,’ here’s what’s on Google right now (with variations due to your locality):

  • Terminix ad
  • com Featured Snippet that gives a DIY on how to get rid of termites
  • A ‘People Also Ask’ box with four questions (this can be a gold mine – review these questions and create content that’s better than what is listed in the drop down answers)
  • Natural ways to kill termites
  • A very interesting post that attaches 2018 to the ‘how to kill termites’ question – the date may help drive click through, as people may believe that this is a modern, or most up-to-date answer
  • Two videos on how to kill termites
  • Various other blog posts on the subject.

Who knew that Google search results could be such a fount of content creation research? Take advantage of it – speak a question into your phone, and see what comes up in the results. You can type a question in, too, and use some of this information to help you build out your content. Ideally you want to cater to the spoken question crowd, but viewing all the competition will help you better understand what content is out there for your niche.

Create a Variety of Content to Increase Your Visibility

Remember that content is more than copy. You should create a variety of items, including images, audio and video plus social posts (many that include the former). All of these need to be put into play so you have the best chance to reach your audience. There are lots of ways to get out in front of the content marketing noise. If you’re not into creating videos, you can use one of the platforms that helps you create animated explainer videos. To get more exposure, you don’t have to go on TV. You can create a podcast. Podcasts are huge today, with 40% of Americans having listened to them.

A podcast can become a hub for even more marketing efforts. You can create companion transcripts, email signups to get people on a special message list for listeners, and you can share your podcasts on social media.

Infographic created by
2017 Podcast Statistics

The same can be done with video. Between copy, audio, video, and images (including infographics), you can build a mighty content marketing presence. All of this can be based on providing detailed, in-depth answers to questions.

Bonus tip: Vary the length of your audio and video pieces. Write short and long articles. Find new ways to appeal to your audience, starting with the queries you created.

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The most successful marketers are always pushing to be the first and the best with content creation and distribution. Need help coming up with your query list and great content that provides the best answers? Your customers depend on you to be the expert! Stand out from the pack with a digital marketing campaign built by Engine-IUS Marketing.

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