You Can Become an SEO Selling Powerhouse – Part 2 Of 3

Learn tips & strategies from the pros that make it easier to sell SEO to your clients!

Last time, we discussed how to sell white label SEO packages. We demonstrated some helpful selling techniques and then moved into some specific situations where using these techniques can help you get the sale. In this second part of our series, we’ll explore more SEO selling topics, and dig deep into how to approach your clients with the right packages and customer service attitude. Get ready because you’re about to learn how to sell like an SEO pro!

Getting Past Client Objections When Selling SEO

When we want to sell SEO services, it’s vital to think like the client. Clients will often present objections and barriers to the sale; here’s one of the most common:

Can you do X for a cheaper price?

It’s quite commonplace for clients to shop proposals that they’ve received from one digital agency, to various others. They will reference a service, and ask other agencies if they can beat the price they were quoted. There’s a whole minefield of issues going on when you encounter this. First, it’s normal for a consumer to want to find the best price for a service. We all do that when we comparison shop. SEO is a bit different, because price does not control the whole transaction. You can win the day here by educating your client. Be sure to address this key point:

Cheap SEO is not the same as affordable SEO.

Explaining SEO Packages: Price vs. Value

What you want to point out is that it’s important to find out exactly what one will get for the price. Ask the client – did the other agency give you a list of items included with that service quote? Tell the client that you will list all services included with your quote, and then you can review those with the client, to do a true comparison.

It’s important to let clients know that SEO service pricing can vary; just as with other services that they buy as consumers. However with SEO, sometimes agencies quote low to get the business and don’t perform all the required services to ensure maximum results. This is how some agencies are able to quote much lower prices than others, who provide a comprehensive service.

Discuss How Your Packages Follow Google Guidelines

Building on that point, cheap SEO can get a website owner in trouble. Skipping critical services, using shortcuts and black hat techniques can put your client in a much worse position than before she sought out SEO assistance. Let your client know that the SEO services you sell are in complete compliance with Google guidelines, so there is no worry about penalties or losing rankings due to SEO that is on the wrong side of Google’s stated directives. Here’s an example:

Your client opts to go with a ‘cheap’ (what they thought was affordable) SEO provider. Little did they know that this provider would build spam content and links to their website. While the client paid a cheaper monthly rate, they ended up with a huge problem that would need to be cleaned up to restore rankings and lost traffic.

Get Into The Good Stuff – Local SEO Packages Can Be Your Big Sellers!

One of the easiest objections to overcome with the client is the very general: ‘I don’t need SEO – we get lots of word of mouth referrals’ comment. This is actually not an objection, but a great lead-in for you to sell local SEO services.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Agree with the client! Yes, if they get lots of word of mouth referrals, it’s likely they are getting a lot of local people talking about their company. Tell the client that that is terrific, and local SEO will get them even more of that!

2) Do a Google search to see if your client shows up in local results. If not, take a screen shot of the top local results for your client’s niche and show it to her. Mention that people will mostly click those top 3 local results, and less people will click through to find more. Explain that your SEO services will help your client become more visible in local (especially mobile local) searches. Bring the discussion to a personal level that your client (and everyone) can understand. Talk about her using her phone to research products and services in her local area. That’s what you are talking about with your local SEO services – you can help your client be more visible to local people who are already searching for what she’s offering.

If the client already ranks well locally, there is always room for improvement. Tell her that you can build out her local listings to get more Google reviews, add to her Google My Business local listing and create local based content that draws people in who are at all stages of the buying cycle.

Organic SEO Works Great Alongside Paid Search

Another common objection is the client that is ‘all in’ with paid ads. She doesn’t want to hear about SEO because she wants traffic now; she thinks SEO will take too long. Here’s how you overcome that barrier:

“Sarah you’re right about SEO taking longer to bring results than paid search. The best way to dominate a search results page is to do both – run paid ads and maintain a solid organic SEO campaign.”

The reasons for this are many:

1) The client’s top competitors do this – and the ones who are crushing it have been doing it for years. It’s time to jump in with both feet and compete to stay relevant and highly visible online.

2) An organic campaign builds a foundation of online assets (articles, images, video, web copy) that can deliver traffic to a website for months and years into the future. Compare that to paid search, where, when the spend stops, the traffic stops.

3) The client needs to participate in organic search, to build visibility and trust not only with Google, but also with her audience.

Wow! Part two of our series presented another treasure trove of SEO selling power!

Join us soon for our last blog in this tutorial and see how selling to a client with a brand new website can reap big rewards (for them and you)!

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