Busy Digital Marketers: Turn on the Revenue Stream with White Label SEO Packages!

As a busy digital marketer, you may find yourself tasked more than once with a seemingly insurmountable challenge: a client comes to you and says that they need a ‘quick fix.’ Basically, they’re taking it on the chin from their competitors in the search engine results and they need a fast way (other than paid search) to gain as much visibility as possible.

Get the Visibility You Want with Zero Work

Perhaps they have a new product about to launch, and they’re worried they won’t get enough exposure come launch day. You believe that they need a big content push: a blog campaign, press releases, and aggressive social media posting. You sign the client and tell your team that you’ll muddle through somehow – you have to…the client is depending on you, and this is the biggest client you’ve ever had; you have to make good…but how?!

Outsourcing SEO is Your Ticket to Max ROI

You may have heard of outsourcing SEO. There are different forms of this, but one that could be a terrific fit for the above described scenario is white label SEO. In this arrangement, you buy an SEO package that your agency can brand with its own name. A partner agency fulfills the deliverables. So you only need to tell your SEO partner what you need, and discuss some overall strategy points, milestones for the project, and due dates. Your SEO reseller handles all the rest. Even the reporting can be outsourced to them, so you can spend more time on other parts of your business.

Here’s how it works:

  • You interview several SEO resellers to find a good fit for your project.
  • Then you place the order. In this case, 20 blog posts, 3 press releases, and 100 social posts split between Twitter and Facebook. You have the SEO reseller tell you how they plan on publishing and distributing these for maximum exposure. And then you top it off by accessing one of the SEO reseller’s premium services, such as video production and distribution. Your client will be impressed!
  • The reseller will roll all this up into a professional campaign, note the due dates for deliverables (which you will require, as your client wants a systematic buildup of buzz for their new product), and you discuss product launch day, and the release of the video your reseller will create to cap off the campaign. Sounds great!

The key to a successful SEO reseller relationship is to spend ample time interviewing potential SEO partners. A really good SEO agency will be happy to answer your questions and to take time to spec out a potential campaign, so you can decide if they should be the agency to fulfill your project request. Once you have that partnership in place and feel comfortable with the process, you’ll be ready to delight your clients!

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