The Age Old Price vs. Value Battle & How You Can Win with White Label SEO

If you’ve run a digital marketing agency for any length of time, you likely have come across this issue: you’ve written a killer proposal for a prospect and you’re nearly sure you’ll win the business. The client shows the proposal to another vendor and says: ‘Can you deliver this for a cheaper price?’ If the client shops your proposal around long enough (and it usually doesn’t take too long) she will find an alternative agency who will promise the moon for a super low price.

Focus on Value Instead of Price

How many of these battles have you fought and lost?  It can be a draining experience, considering all the time and effort that goes into writing custom online marketing proposals. There’s one way you can break this cycle and win more of these competitions: come down on the side of value instead of competing on price.

Now, some clients will not see the difference – they’ll go with an agency strictly on price, if everything else seems roughly equal. Where you can win is to break out of this mold and appeal to the people who understand the meaning of value – what they get at a particular price point. To preach value, you have to have value to offer, and there’s a quick and effective way to ramp up your game so you can be the agency that delivers on the value promise.

White Label SEO Helps You Deliver Value

Let’s look at that proposal battle again. Say you wrote a proposal for SEO, content marketing and link development for a mid-size business. You priced it competitively; maybe even a bit on the low side, to try and entice the prospect to sign. As the days go by and the prospect is still on the fence, you get the impression they’re shopping your proposal. Maybe this isn’t going to pan out, and you may not get the business.

Now, change up this scenario by introducing a value-add. In your proposal, mention that you will also provide three explainer videos – created, optimized and distributed – to help ensure your client’s online visibility. To get the client to sign, you offer this value-add at 25% off. Fulfilling this piece of the campaign isn’t your forté, but you’ve done your homework: you have an SEO reseller in mind who can handle this, and you’ll buy this white label SEO package from them, should your client sign.

White Label SEO Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd

So now you have a value-add that makes your proposal stand out from the crowd. And you have a better chance of getting the business. If you’re still worried that some other agency will copy your ideas, you can state in your proposal that you’ll give your prospect their choice of a $500 value-added service for 25% off, upon signup, and reveal those choices later.

White label SEO can be your secret weapon that can help you win the price vs. value game. Contact Engine-ius Marketing for quality white label SEO services that can make you stand out from the pack!

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