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Engine-ius Marketing’s White Label SEO Reseller Program

If you have prospective and existing customers and would like to offer Search Engine Optimization services to your clients to grow the online part of their business, but don’t have the time, technology, or know-how to build your own infrastructure, the Engine-ius Marketing White Label SEO Reseller program is right for you.

Our SEO Partner Program will generate additional revenue with the leading solution in the market as your back end fulfillment center while the client stays under your brand.

Our search engine marketing solutions provide a seamless and powerful solution to companies that serve the small and medium sized business market. Our SEO partner packages offer a customized approach with a full range of services and we created for all types of industries.

Engine-ius Marketing’s SEO partner programs will help you grow the digital marketing arm of your company in a sustainable and repeatable way to maximize profitability.

  • 100% White Label Solution
  • Total Brand Control
  • Dedicated Partner Support
  • Training Resources
  • Marketing & Sales Material

SEO Reseller

As advertisers continue to rely more and more on internet marketing, traditional agencies are challenged to add value and protect their relationships by providing their clients with an integrated online marketing alternative while remaining in full control of the relationship.

Engine-ius Marketing has established partnerships with various marketing agencies, from big brands to traditional media agencies, which are looking for a trusted online marketing partner to meet the needs of clients as it relates to SEO using cutting edge technology.

Our SEO Reseller program enables non-digital agencies and other interactive agencies not specializing in search engine optimization to provide enterprise-level services to their clients. It’s a win-win deal.

The agency makes margin with a recurring billing model and the client gets a complete solution that is proven to succeed. One less thing for you to worry about and still make money!

Engine-ius Marketing partnership SEO Reseller program meets the needs of the following areas:

  • Client retention
  • A transparent relationship between partners and client
  • A partner with recognized industry leadership
  • Well-rounded online marketing capabilities
  • Access to best-in-class marketing technology
  • Streamlined processes
  • Confidentiality

Partner teams discussing business plan. Laptop on the table, open space office

Client Retention

Protect your client relationship and keep control by offering them the complete solution. This will enable you to retain the customer, add more value as a competitive differentiator, and increase revenue. Selecting a partner that has the highest ethical standards is critical to support your own culture.

A Partner with Proven Results and High Integrity

Working with a search engine marketing company that has a track record of handling successful campaigns which include renowned brands is one of the most key factors in maintaining your long term relationship with your clients.

Well-Rounded Online Marketing Capabilities

The internet marketing services include Local, National and Global: Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO), Local Map Optimization, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing Services.

Streamlined Processes

Our staff has the leadership in supporting agencies and large volume of clients. Our systematic approach includes the following process:

  • New client startup/kick off meetings
  • Suggestions for pricing and support
  • Research for business development
  • Joint new business calls
  • Strong account management
  • Reporting of campaign results
  • Executive Sponsor assignment


Integrity is critical in a successful partnership not only between the client and the partner, but also providing complete confidentiality to our partner agency on all customer, marketing and strategy information.

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