Engine-ius Marketing’s Custom Link Building Services for Agency Resellers: The Secret to Client Satisfaction!

If you’re like most digital agencies, you’ve likely had more than one client come to you after being penalized due to a toxic link portfolio. You’ve probably cleaned up your fair share of these or had to find a company that could. It’s time to get out in front of these issues by outsourcing your link building campaigns to Engine-ius Marketing!

We skip the toxic link acquisition and aim for relevance!

Engine-ius Marketing skips to the good stuff – no toxic links will ever be added to your clients’ portfolios. Every link we acquire has a job to do: it has to elevate your clients’ websites in the eyes of both Google and human users. Here’s how it works:

Us: If your client sells dog toys, we will acquire links from pet-related websites, veterinarian sites, dog lover-related sites and more. These are relevant connections; links placed on relevant websites pointing back to your client’s site. Google will count these links towards your client’s authority in the industry, and the links will help your client’s site rank better in search engine results.

Them: The goal of many link building systems is to acquire as many links as possible with little or no regard to relevance. This type of link building links your client to unrelated sites, and in some cases, sites with poor reputations. None of these links will help your client’s dog toys site and can potentially harm its rankings, and get the site penalized and demoted in search results.

Is Link Building Necessary Today? Won’t Google Just Find My Clients’ Sites Naturally?

Google will likely become aware of your clients’ sites and may even index them entirely.

Or maybe not.

In our ultra-competitive online world, revenue can’t be staked on probabilities. It’s best to be proactive. Your clients depend on your agency for results. Engine-ius Marketing offers you a white label solution so you can order link building campaigns, and leave the work to us. When you offer these campaigns to your clients, they can be marketed in any number of ways, to demonstrate your commitment to proactive marketing. You can include them as part of your SEO campaigns, sell them as standalone services, or both.

New Sources of Revenue & New Ways to Please Your Clients!

Let’s face it: clients are demanding. They not only want quick results; they want results that last. What better way to deliver on the local and national level, than with a solid link building campaign? Better yet, get the results you want without doing the work yourself!

Engine-ius Marketing’s link building services give you new sources of revenue and new ways to please your clients! You’ll be able to assure your clients that you’re controlling their link acquisition, which powers up their ability to rank well in search engines!

Make Engine-ius Marketing’s link building services your secret weapon! Submit your request using the form on this page, and you’ll soon be benefiting from our powerful link acquisition services. Get started now!

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Client Retention

Protect your client relationship and keep control by offering them the complete solution. This will enable you to retain the customer, add more value as a competitive differentiator, and increase revenue. Selecting a partner that has the highest ethical standards is critical to support your own culture.

A Partner with Proven Results and High Integrity

Working with a search engine marketing company that has a track record of handling successful campaigns which include renowned brands is one of the most key factors in maintaining your long term relationship with your clients.

Well-Rounded Online Marketing Capabilities

The internet marketing services include Local, National and Global: Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO), Local Map Optimization, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing Services.

Streamlined Processes

Our staff has the leadership in supporting agencies and large volume of clients. Our systematic approach includes the following process:

  • New client startup/kick off meetings
  • Suggestions for pricing and support
  • Research for business development
  • Joint new business calls
  • Strong account management
  • Reporting of campaign results
  • Executive Sponsor assignment


Integrity is critical in a successful partnership not only between the client and the partner, but also providing complete confidentiality to our partner agency on all customer, marketing and strategy information.

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