Take It to the Bank: Better Content Beats Competitors!

Engine-ius Marketing’s Custom Content Motivates Customers to Engage with You!

One of the top questions we get from clients is: ‘What can I do to go toe to toe with my competition? They outrank me on Google for all my key phrases, and I wish I knew how to beat them!’ A lot goes into ranking a page, but there’s one ingredient that always factors in: the site with the best answers (content) to questions (user searches) gets ranked highest by Google.

How Do I Know If I’m Getting ‘Quality Content?’

‘Quality content’ is a phrase that doesn’t tell us much.

You Need Precise Content.

Engine-ius Marketing content is very specific and is custom created for each client. When you partner with Engine-ius Marketing for content creation, you will receive all of these benefits:

  • In-depth key phrase research, including identification of ‘low hanging fruit’ long-tail phrases that signal intent to buy
  • Copy that fits your existing content’s theme, tone and format
  • Calls to action that entice readers to buy or contact you

With Engine-ius Marketing’s on-site content, there are no disconnects with your existing copy. All new copy fits with your current content, providing a seamless experience that will then be optimized for maximum online visibility!

Proven 3-Step Content Optimization Process

Engine-ius Marketing does more than add a few paragraphs of copy to your website pages. We follow a Proven 3-Step Optimization Process that ensures your copy appeals to people and search engines:

  • Inform: Each page’s purpose is clearly defined. We map the page’s theme with the key phrases we’ve researched.
  • Engage: Key phrases are installed to fit naturally within the copy, so they read well and act as signals to search engines looking for the best answers to searchers’ queries.
  • Lead to Conversion: Engine-ius Marketing’s calls to action perfectly blend key phrases into powerful action statements! They build on our precision content to deliver the sales and contacts you’re looking for.

Extra Value: As part of our optimization service, we’ll also be auditing your existing content as we write. If we find areas that need reformatting, we will make those recommendations. The final result that you’ll receive is clearly stated content that informs and motivates visitors to engage with you!

Powerful Content=>Powerful Search Engine Rankings=>More Sales! Competing online is about providing the best answer to your audience’s questions. The best answer comes from precision content optimized for both human beings and search engines. Engine-ius Marketing’s content positions you for success!

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Client Relationships & Retention

We believe in building relationships with our clients and providing tangible results through a complete and holistic SEO solution.  Selecting an SEO partner that has the highest ethical standards is critical to supporting your business.

A Partner with Proven Results and High Integrity

Working with a search engine marketing company that has a track record of handling successful campaigns which include renowned brands is one of the most key factors in maintaining your long term relationship with our clients.

Well-Rounded Online Marketing Capabilities

The internet marketing services include Local, National and Global: Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO), Local Map Optimization, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing Services.

Streamlined Processes

Our staff has the leadership in supporting agencies and direct clients. Our systematic approach includes the following process:

  • New client startup/kick off meeting
  • Research for business development
  • Strong account management
  • Reporting of campaign results
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