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No one knows all the ingredients in Google’s ranking algorithm – their secret to what makes them rank some pages higher than others in search results.

So how do I get on Google’s good side and get all those clicks I want to my website?

One thing we do know is that Google pays special attention to links, those connections between a website’s pages and other websites on the Internet. Google does a lot of crawling the web with its software robots, following links and making determinations on what the interlinked pages mean.

If Google is always out there crawling links, can I just sit back and let them find my site?

Sure, you can. And they likely will. A results-oriented SEO campaign should be a lot more proactive than that. Waiting for Google to find your site isn’t going to increase revenue as quickly as you’d like.

Instead, you need to tell Google who you are and literally lead them to your site. You can control this with a link building campaign from Engine-ius Marketing.

Control. That is the main reason you want to invest in an Engine-ius Marketing link building campaign. With so many variables in play when it comes to ranking pages, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to control as many aspects as you can. Some links will be (at least initially) out of your control (for example, people linking to your content voluntarily – which is good, but can always be improved – more on that in a sec).

Many more links can be set up to drive maximum value for your site: that’s what Engine-ius Marketing does for you!

We use links to motivate people & satisfy search engines.

We as marketers want to create link associations that are relevant to Google, but that also make sense for human users. We want to use links to enrich our copy and help people more easily find what they’re looking for on our websites. All of this sounds easy to understand, but how do we make it work to our advantage?

One way is with local search. Engine-ius Marketing can help position your website prominently in local search results via an intensive link building program; literally feeding links to your website to directories and information sites that feature local information. It’s vital today to be found in the top of local listings because people won’t waste time scrolling through results on their mobile devices. They want to find answers and go. Engine-ius Marketing’s link building campaigns appeal to Google and expand your site’s visibility, leading to increased clicks and action.

The key takeaway is: you need the cumulative power of quality links. Engine-ius Marketing can get them for you!

There’s a big difference between receiving a spreadsheet full of low quality links, and acquiring a dozen or two high quality links, each month. What’s the difference? If you sell dining tables and a link builder links your site to real estate, pet products or even more irrelevant niches such as online gambling sites, then all those links will dilute your search engine ranking potential, and very likely cause you to be penalized and demoted in search results.

Engine-ius Marketing creates relevant links that connect your site to other relevant sites. The more relevant connections we make (on a national and local level), the more relevant your site becomes. Google and human users follow these links to your site, and the links also act as ‘votes,’ helping Google decide which sites should rank in its results for a given query.

Don’t leave link building to chance – take control with Engine-ius Marketing!

Remember when we talked about how great it is for other sites to link to you? Maybe you wrote a terrific white paper and lots of blogs are linking to it as an expert source. That’s what you want, but Engine-ius Marketing can make it even better for you! We can approach those who have linked to you, asking them to adjust their links to include keywords, and to link to specific pages on your site. This is on top of our main link acquisition service! The value to you multiplies with even more opportunities for search engines to find you and people to follow the links to your site!

It’s easy to be proactive with your link building– sign up for an Engine-ius Marketing campaign today!

Now you know why being proactive with link building is so important. It’s equally important to work with a link builder that offers decades of online marketing experience. Our goal isn’t to present you each month with a list of questionable links. What we do is enhance your visibility and relevance day by day, week by week, making it easier for Google and your audience to recognize your authority in your industry.

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