Why Great Content Marketing Is Like a Balanced Meal

Ever get tired of eating the same old thing each day? Maybe you’ve eaten fast food hamburgers 3 days in a row for lunch and you need a change. It’s the same with the content you offer to your site visitors, email subscribers and social media fans. No one wants to consume the same type of content all the time; especially not today when one can find alternatives around every corner. So while you share the same 500 word post with an image every Wednesday and Friday on your blog, your competitors will be out there distributing videos, infographics, slideshows and podcasts.

It’s time to change up your content menu and get those eyeballs looking your way!

Video – Short And Long Form; Explainer

Some people think that they have to be on camera for videos to be effective. If you’re camera shy or don’t have time, there are lots of other types of videos that excite audiences and move them to action. Explainer videos are awesome animations that show how a product works. With these videos you could animate most anything; from a factory process to how you provide customer service.

Humor works great in videos; you could explore that possibility and cast several of your colleagues in a short film. Are you fresh out of video ideas?

Getting your video in front of as many targeted consumers as possible is vital to its success. [We encourage you to contact Engine-IUS Marketing for innovative video optimization and distribution campaigns – we can get thousands of eyes on your video – the people you want to reach!]

Infographics Are More Popular Than Ever

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a killer infographic is worth maybe a million! Do you have some amazing stats that your audience really needs to see? Then an infographic can be a great vehicle for sharing them. People like to consume infographics because it makes information easy to digest, and they love sharing them with their friends.  Tip: It’s important to create standout visuals that make your stats pop.

Awesome Bonus Tip: Include code below your infographic to make it easy for people to embed it in their own blog or website! [Engine-IUS Marketing offers expert infographic marketing services that take simple stats and turn them into game changers for your audience.]

Podcast Popularity Skyrockets

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in the last few years! Multitaskers love to listen, and they offer incredible opportunities for marketers (either through sharing their own content or advertising on popular podcasts). Best practices indicate that unless the content is truly exceptional, people like to hear multiple hosts on podcasts. When planning your show, it’s important to have at least two presenters or host personalities, and they don’t have to be the same people all the time (although one consistent host from show to show will provide continuity).

You can definitely create podcasts yourself with the array of tools out there today. [Check with us at Engine-IUS Marketing when you’re ready to distribute your podcast. Our distribution channels can help you reach thousands more listeners!]

Email Offers Big Targeting & Conversion Opportunities

Blog posts, infographics, videos, images and podcasts can live again in your email newsletters! Some of today’s email marketing tools offer incredibly sophisticated (but easy to use) capabilities to create slick and inviting email messages. These tools can help you introduce your content to people who may have missed it when it was first shared on your site or on your social accounts. [Need help organizing and segmenting your email list and blasting your content to your subscribers? Engine-IUS Marketing can get your content into the right hands and get you more opens, clicks, and conversions!]

Pulling it All Together: Add to Your Content Menu with Repackaging

Repackaging content is a skill that the best marketers have mastered. You can do it too. Make a list of your best content (create a mix of top evergreen content with some of your best current posts). Then brainstorm new formats for this content that will excite your audience. Here are a few content types you can put through a makeover:

1) An infographic. New format: Create a 5-10 minute mini podcast telling people why the statistics in the graphic are important. Use two hosts and debate several points.

2) A list blog. New format: Create a mini slide show and flesh out some of the points in your list.

3) A podcast. New format: Cater to visual learners – put your information into a visual format such as a mind map with an accompanying podcast transcript.

Key Takeaway: Creating lots of content doesn’t always mean you have to create brand new content. You can take portions of posts, or entire blogs, podcasts, videos or infographics and repackage them into new formats. Not only will your new packaging help you get the most out of the resources you spent creating the content in the first place, it will help you reach people who learn in different ways. Plus you’ll get the advantage of increased sharing opportunities.

Here’s Another Great Tip: Share your repackaged content at different times of day. Check your tracking stats to see the times when your audience is online. Then schedule your content with a tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social so you’ll always have something great to share right when people want to see it most!

Lots of tips for you in today’s post! Need help putting them all into action? Let Engine-IUS Marketing develop and execute your content marketing strategy. Get your piece of the referral traffic pie!

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