Why You Need the Best Meta Descriptions to Drive Traffic

Great Micro Content= More Sales

Micro content serves many purposes in online marketing; from email subject lines, to tweets, to SMS ads and more. For the purposes of this blog we’ll concentrate on a very specific form of micro content, the meta description. Think about it: when you do a web search and are faced with a long list of results, how do you decide which one to click on? The title can persuade you, but often it’s the one-to-two sentence description that encourages that all-important click. This is where you can convince your target audience that your company has the solution to their problem.  That’s what web searches are – people with problems that need answers – and the faster they can get those answers, the better. It’s up to you in the space of about 160 characters to present your product or service as the best solution. The challenge is (especially if you offer dozens of products and services) that people skim search results, and they will only usually go to the second page of results to find their answer. You have just a few seconds to make an impression that could lead to a sale. How do you win?

Receive More Targeted Traffic That Clicks Through to Your Website

First: You can definitely learn to write meta descriptions yourself. While the process is not difficult, getting good at it can take years of practice. Engine-ius Marketing is here to rapidly bring your company from Point A (web search) to Point B (click through to your website). Let’s discuss that process so you will understand the value that we can provide, and how you can receive more targeted traffic that clicks through to your site.

Note that last phrase: ‘receive more targeted traffic that clicks through to your site.’  While rankings are important (and we will of course work to get you as many of these as possible), what truly matters is getting the ‘right people’ clicking through to your site. That’s where creating terrific micro content comes in. Here’s the value we provide for you with our meta description micro content:

  • We write unique meta descriptions for each of your website’s pages. That’s Job 1. Just as with HTML titles, each page should have a unique meta description. In this way Google will be able to discern exactly what your page is about.
  • We populate your descriptions with keywords – but in a natural way so they resonate with human beings. Keyword stuffing is out. Proper positioning of keywords within the 160 character limit for the meta description is definitely an art form, and we’ve mastered it.
  • Next is the critical part: We review your competition’s meta descriptions. Why? Because we have to make yours better; and we do! This is where we take your value proposition and ensure that it is front and center for your target audience to see, encouraging click through to your site.

Irresistible Micro Content: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Our goal with your organic marketing campaign is to gain as much first page search real estate for you as possible. And that’s where the rubber meets the road: we don’t stop at rankings. We populate search results with your company’s irresistible HTML titles and meta descriptions to stimulate click-through to your website.

Need some micro content magic to boost your targeted website traffic? Talk to us today and get Engine-ius Marketing on your side. It’s time to win the micro content race!

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